People have wasted no time taking advantage of Ontario’s new free drug plan for people under age 25.

The new OHIP+ which gives access to over 4,000 prescription drugs to people 24 and younger was implemented less than a month ago, and already, nearly a million prescriptions have been filled.

It was just one of the new programs implemented by the government of Ontario as of January 1, 2018 and it’s providing things like asthma inhalers, antibiotics, insulin, diabetes test strips, drugs for epilepsy, depression and anxiety, ADHD, birth control and more to people who may not have had access due to lack of private health insurance.

If you’re not sure whether your particular medication qualifies, the government has developed an online tool where you can search the list of drugs offered.

To take advantage of the program all you need to do is provide a valid health card with a prescription for eligible drugs.

Under OHIP+ the province is also offering free programs to help people under 24 quit smoking, and a bunch of other stuff. Find out more here.