In a bid to help cut greenhouse gasses, the Ontario government is giving away free smart thermostats to 100,000 qualifying households.

The $40 million program was announced Wednesday and will help households improve energy efficiency. They’ll not only save on the cost of having to buy and install the thermostat, which retails for anywhere between $250 to $350, but they will also save on monthly energy bills.

Smart thermostats allows homeowners and tenants to control heating and air conditioning through smartphones, which means they don’t even have to be home to use them!

The program will offer thermostats from Honeywell, Nest, and Ecobee (a Toronto-based company) to those living in detached homes, semi-detached homes, town homes, or row homes. Residents in condos and other multi-unit buildings do not qualify.

Homeowners and tenants can apply for the program online, which will kick off in the fall and runs on a firstcome, first served basis.