If you’re a renter living in Brampton and beyond, some new legislation being implemented by the Government of Ontario this spring will have huge implications for you.

When April rolls around, all landlords in the province are required to use a standard lease.

The change may not affect some renters, but it’ll go a long way to protecting renters who are at risk of falling victim to demanding landlords who place unreasonable requests on leases.

The federal government is pushing the standard lease as a way to keep language clear and easy to understand, reduce the number of disputes they’re getting at the Landlord Tenants’ Board and ultimately quash the illegal terms that landlords sometimes put on leases.

Moving forward, a few things will be completely banned from lease agreements, including demands for large damage fees and deposits, requirements for post-dated cheques and rules forbidding pets.

Renters will benefit from having leases that are easier to understand and don’t place unnecessary restrictions on them, like how many visitors they can have to their apartment and how often they’re required to clean. The new lease standards come into effect April 30.

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