Brampton’s food scene has no shortage of little holes in the wall, undiscovered eateries tucked away in hidden plazas, and all-around delicious food — much of which come from recipes spanning the globe. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Brampton eats of 2017.

1. Annalakshmi’s Chili Idly

Idly, a steamed rice and lentil cake, is chopped and stir-fried in a house chili sauce to create a vegetarian dish with explosive flavours. This was, by far, one of the best vegetarian dishes the team discovered in 2017.

Annalakshmi – 10086 Hurontario St #3.

2. Thai Pepper’s Drunken Noodles

Thai Pepper’s drunken noodles (pad ke mao) is great  for those who love a dish with heat. Rice noodles are sautéed with chicken, green beans, mushrooms, sweet peppers and other greens to create this flavourful dish that packs a whole lot of punch.

Thai Pepper – 2 Fisherman Dr. Unit 41

3. Golden Stool’s Gold Coast Steak

Golden Stool’s Ghanaian marinated steak with a hint of jerk spice is an ode to the restaurant’s fusion of Afro-Caribbean inspired fare. Enjoy it with a side of yam fries or spicy tiger garlic prawn shrimp.

Golden Stool Restaurant – 21 Nelson Street West #5, Facing George Street

4. That Italian Place’s Stromboli

A selection of fresh Italian deli meat is rolled up into That Italian Place’s signature dough and stuffed with mozzarella cheese and brushed with olive oil and a blend of spices to create the stromboli. It’s baked, pressed and served with a pomodoro sauce. This infamous dish is only available at the restaurant on Thursdays and Fridays and can sell out quickly, so we recommend calling ahead and reserving yours.

That Italian Place – 470 Chrysler Dr

5. King Tandoori’s Reshmi Kabob

Finely minced chicken seasoned with ginger, chili and a bunch of other herbs and spices is barbecued to create this dish. It’s served piping hot, perfectly balanced, and absolutely delicious.

King Tandoori – 107 Kennedy Rd S

6. Firangi’s Chicken Tikka Tacos

Charcoal grilled tandoori chicken topped with mixed peppers and cilantro on a corn tortilla make up this scrumptious small plate. It’s just one of the many delicious things on the small plate menu at Firangi.

Firangi – 2880 Queen St E.

7. Kingsley’s Dim Sum

Brampton only has one dim sum joint and luckily it’s solid. Kingsley offers dim sum all day along with the rest of its menu.

Kingsley Chinese Restaurant – 50 Kennedy Rd S.

8. Queen Gypsy Pub’s Pierogies

These pierogies are made in-house, everything from the stuffing to the outer shell. You can order them savory or sweet. The savoury version is a crowd favourite, it’s stuffed with cheese and served up with crispy bacon and sides of freshly-baked cornbread and pickled beets. It’s a far cry from the frozen grocery store pierogies sitting in the back of your freezer. The sweet version is the same freshly made pierogi shell stuffed with blueberries.

10 Main St S, Brampton

9. J. Red & Co’s Chicken & Waffles

The chicken and waffles at J. Red has always been a crowd favourite, and since it opened a couple of years ago the dish has gone through a few iterations. The latest take is a spicy Southern-style with smoked cayenne and a brown sugar sauce.

J. Red & Co – 341 Main St N.

10. Carve on Lot 5’s Jerk Chicken Sandwich

This delectable sandwich features house jerk chicken topped with coleslaw, avocado mayo, and spicy ketchup, all in between a lightly-grilled sweet bun. It’s a sandwich you won’t soon forget.

Carve on Lot 5 – 15 Main St N.

11. Xayamaca’s Snapper

Xayamaca knows how to do seafood and its snapper is no exception. This delicious dish is prepared four different ways with a selection of greens, and absolutely every bite is delicious. We aren’t picking favourites here, but the steamed snapper is on point. OK. So we are picking favourites.

Xayamaca – 30 Kennedy Rd S.

12. Food Fight’s Malibu Vegan Burger

Food Fight specializes in Southern-style, slow-cooked BBQ infused from restaurant owners’ Caribbean, Asian and Canadian heritage. And while the smoked meats are delicious, one of the restaurant’s standout dishes is the vegan Malibu burger.  The 100% Vegan burger is served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles, as well as a side of crispy fries. It’s fast becoming a crowd fave and for good reason: a good veggie burger is hard to come by in Brampton.

Food Fight BBQ – 100 Maritime Ontario Blvd