After a tumultuous battle, Brampton’s monster house is finally coming down within the next few months. The owner of 443 Centre Street North, Ahmed Elbasiouni, has voluntarily agreed to a court order requiring that he demolish the house.

The saga has been a long and complicated one. Five years ago the city wrongfully issued a permit for the giant home located in north Brampton. Since then, a number of court battles to have the home demolished have gone before the courts.

It all came to a head in April when the city officially filed an application with the Superior Court asking for a an order to have the unfinished house demolished.

The court order, issued yesterday, states the unfinished house be demolished in its entirety within 120 days. If the owner does not demolish the house within that time, the city is authorized to have it demolished at the owner’s expense.

Neighbours won’t be sad to see it go. The 13,000 square-foot home which was supposed to have 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, is bigger than what is allowed under the city’s zoning bylaws for this area. The city says the permit was issued in error.

Back in September 2016 the courts gave the homeowner 90 days to either demolish the house, get approval for the variances to the correct zoning bylaws for the area, or adjust the building to make it compliant with zoning standards.

The homeowner did not comply. instead, he brought the decision before the courts again. The judge ruled in the favour of the city, choosing to revoke the building permit.

Then in April the city was awarded a $51,000 payout from Elbasiouni after courts found he provided misleading information in the form of a fraudulent document when he tried to overturn the decision to revoke his building permit.

Now Elbasiouni has until October 18, 2017 to demolish the house himself or have it demolished.

The countdown begins.