Places to make your own wine and beer in Brampton

Whether you’re toasting a special occasion or a spending a quiet night in, there’s a certain sense of pride sipping on a bottle or red or pilsner that you’ve had a hand in making yourself. Instead of studying the myriad of labels at the grocery or relying on a recommendation from the LCBO clerk, consider whipping up your own custom batch of wine or beer at one of Brampton’s handful of winemaking and beer brewers. Here’s a list.

Vin Bon 

The folks at Vin Bon have been in the winemaking game since 1991 and have lots of knowledge to offer their clients. You can choose to make your wine on-site, or they can send you off with all of the right materials to whip up a batch or two at home. They don’t brew beers on site, but they sell just about every piece of equipment you’ll need to brew your own at home.

Corks Winery

Corks Winery is located on Rutheford Rd, and with a tagline ‘Your own private winery’, they’ll go above and beyond to make your winemaking experience very personal. They have a little something for the beginner and the connisseur. In addition to being able to make your own wine, you can also choose from their ready to go line of international fine wines

Exclusive Wines

Not only does Exclusive help you make your own wines, they’ll also send you home with a bucket of knowledge. After you choose your selection and mix the bath, the staff will take care of the fermentation, racking and filtering. You can book your own private bottling party, perfect for date night or a group event. They’ll even let you use your own personal labels.

Vintner’s Cellar

Vintner’s Cellar is located on the North East end of the city at Williams Parkway and Torbram. At Vintner’s you’ll take care of shaping the taste of your wine, while they take care of the fermentation process to have your wine ready in about five weeks. While they’re taking care of this you’ll want to make some space at home, one batch makes 30 750ml bottles of fine wine.

Accent On Wine

Accent On Wine offers flavours from around the world, including Malbec from Argentina, Vieux Chateau du Roi from France, Chardonnay from California, and Pinot Grigio from Italy, to name a few. Your wine will be ready to go in 4 to 6 weeks. You’ll get about 30 bottles with one batch, which is a fraction of the cost of the LCBO and you’ll have wine to enjoy for months to come.

Canadian Homebrew Supplies

Canadian Homebrew Supplies doesn’t brew any beers in-house, but they have everything you need to make your own beer at home, even those rare items. Different Malts, barleys, yeasts and hops, their variety means you can create just about anything. They sell every piece of equipment you’ll need for the process too. The staff themselves are avid home brewers, some for decades, so they’ll be able to give you through the process.

Have another suggestion of where to make wine and beer in Brampton? Let us know in the comments below.