If Alessia Cara has a permanent spot on your Spotify or Apple Music playlists — as she very well should — then you’ve got something in common with the Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau released his summer mix over the weekend featuring a bunch of Canada’s top artists in the music business right now.

Not surprisingly, it included heavyweights like Drake, Shawn Mendes, and Hedley. It also included Brampton’s most sought after act right now, Alessia Cara.

Cara has undoubtedly had a successful couple of years. Between the release of chart-topping hits, touring with Coldplay, opening the MTV Video Music Awards and most recently, hosting the MMVAs with Nick Jonas, her success seems to know no bounds.

Cara has been vocal about hailing from Brampton, choosing not to be lumped in with the long list of artists from the GTA who, whether it’s true or not, are said to be from Toronto.

So what song of Cara’s made the PM’s list? Her self-love anthem Scars To Your Beautiful of course. Check out the full playlist below.