Mayor Linda Jeffrey revealed in a recent interview that she believes the Wynne government isn’t doing enough to lower car insurance rates in Brampton, despite promises to take action.

The Liberals promised in 2013 to cut auto insurance premiums across the province at an average of 15 per cent by August 2015, but it never happened.

Brampton currently tops the list of most expensive insurance in Ontario with premiums hovering around $2,392 per year — a whopping 65 per cent higher than the rest of the province.

According to a study conducted by Allstate Insurance, insurance claims in Brampton have decreased by 10 per cent since 2012, but this has had no impact on rates, which continue to increase.

“Drivers in Brampton pay a higher premium because insurance companies claim there is a higher rate of accidents, fraud, theft or vandalism – instead of being charged relative to your driving record,” says mayor Linda Jeffrey.

The 2015 goal to a 15 per cent reduction in rates eventually became a stretch goal for the Liberal government. They lowered the maximum interest rate insurers can charge monthly and prohibited minor at-fault accidents from boosting premiums, but Brampton residents have yet to see an impact on their monthly bills.

“The Minister of Finance in his last Provincial budget admitted more can be done to make the system more affordable and fair.  I [have been] adamant more can be and should be done to make auto insurance more affordable – my residents have been patient long enough,” says Jeffrey who continues to bring the issue of high rates to the table with other levels of government.

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