The frozen yogurt selection in Brampton is a bit scarce, but there’s a new froyo bar on the scene called Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe, and as the name suggests, it isn’t just a frozen yogurt shop. Along with their froyo, they’ve also got a lineup of Italian-style sandwiches, panini and freshly baked goods.

Their three-floor location is just steps away from Garden Square in a newly-renovated adorable little cafe-style resto. They’ve got their froyo bar on the top level, their cafe downstairs, and bistro-style seating on the middle floor.nom noms brampton 2

Let’s start with the yogurt. Nom Nom’s has a self-serve bar of 8 flavours, including usual suspects vanilla and chocolate, and a few more adventurous ones like Nutella, mango and tiramisu. They also have an option that’s lactose-free. Their yogurt is creamy and smooth, and packed with flavour.

Everyone lives for the toppings at froyo bars, which allow for endless customizable combinations for just about everyone.  Nom Nom’s delivers with tons of choice for customers. They have a selection of fruits, nuts, chocolate bars, cookies, candy and everything in between. One crowd favourite so far is the cheesecake bites.nom noms brampton 4The cafe is a promising lunch spot. They have sandwiches, panini, salads and drinks with a variety of combo options. They’ll also be introducing pizza cones (jump for joy!) to their repertoire soon.

It gets better though, especially if you have a sweet tooth. They have a little selection of freshly baked items including cupcakes, squares, cookies, a tiramisu and a Skor trifle too.


Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe

23 Queen Street E.

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