Sunrise Records Could be Taking Over HMV Location at BCC

Ontario-based music retailer Sunrise Records is set to take over 70 HMV locations across Canada as early as April.

The news comes on the heels of HMV Canada’s announcement that its closing all stores nationwide.

Court documents filed by HMV indicated that the retailer was losing $100,000 a day.

Now Sunrise Records is monopolizing on the opportunity by expanding coast-to-coast.

The retailer has already announced that their acquisition includes the Lembridge Mall and Square One Mall locations of HMV.

They are also slated to take over a 2-storey 20,000 square foot location at West Edmonton Mall.

It isn’t clear yet whether they’ll take over the HMV location at Bramalea City Centre, but its likely. Sunrise is looking to take over locations inside of malls and has been actively working with mall owners across the country to negotiate leases.

As they prepare to open, Sunrise will work to broaden the assortment of music that HMV carried, with a planned 50% increase of CDs, and a massively expanded apparel section that includes the hottest music and entertainment related merchandise.

They have also committed to hiring HMV employees who want to continue their career in the Canadian Music Industry.

In the coming days the rest of Sunrise’s 70 locations across Canada will be announced, so whether BCC will land a new record store or an empty retail space to fill will be released soon.