The Cheltenham Badlands closed suddenly back in 2015 much to the dismay of locals and travelers alike who come to the area to see the natural wonder.

While construction was expected to be complete on phase one of the redevelopment over the next couple of years, a Canada 150 grant worth $115,000 will expedite the process and allow the area to reopen earlier, in Spring of 2018.

In 2015 the area was fenced off, halting public access. The Region of Peel then announced plans to begin redeveloping the area. Since then, the Region has been working on building a viewing platform that would protect the unique geological area while still allowing visitors to enjoy it.

The Region also announced they would be building a parking facility to allow easier access. Previously visitors parked along the shoulder of the narrow road, and during busy times it became overcrowded and dangerous.

The master plan for the area also includes creation of a connection with the Bruce Trail, the new parking lot, revitalization of some of the recreational trails in the area, and putting in better protective fencing.

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