The Best and Worst LCBO Locations in Brampton

Trying to get wine and spirits during the Holidays can be a complete nightmare, here’s your ultimate guide to make booze buying seamless.

Not all LCBOs are equal

Brampton has 5 LCBO locations, and there are some you’ll want to avoid altogether if you want to keep your sanity.

Best LCBO Locations

11785 Bramalea Rd (Bramalea & Mayfield)
This LCBO is nicely situated on the edge of Brampton and for that reason it’s a great place to get your holiday liquor, it’s not usually busy. It’s also close to Wal Mart and some other stores so you can get other shopping done if you make the trek up here.

9445 Mississauga Rd
This LCBO is also on the outer limits of the city and doesn’t see too much traffic, so if you’re willing to make the drive out you’ll be able to shop in peace.

Worst LCBO Locations

80 Peel Centre Dr (Beside Bramalea City Centre)
This is probably the worst LCBO in Brampton. You’ll always find it packed close to any holiday. The parking lot is small and usually crowded. Avoid at all costs. If you do decide to venture here though, the morning hours before Noon are best, or during their extended hours from 10-11pm.

27 George Street N. (Downtown Brampton)
This is generally a busy location, it isn’t huge and the parking lot is tiny. You’ll want to avoid this one too.

The optimal time to go booze shopping

Google estimates that the busiest times for all of Brampton’s LCBOs are from 5-7pm, and this makes sense. Everyone is stopping off for some shopping after work. So if you can help it, avoid these times and stick to anytime before 3pm.

Avoid the LCBO all together

Get home delivery

LCBO introduced home delivery back in July, and the Holiday season seems the perfect time to take advantage. For $12 they’ll deliver your wine and spirits to your house within 2-7 days. There’s also a bunch of craft beer brewers that will deliver to your door, check out our list of the best here.

Stick to the grocery store

The Ontario recently launched beer, cider and wine sales in regular stores, so instead of stressing about getting to the liquor store, simply throw your wine and beer in with the rest of your groceries. Here’s a list of grocery stores that sell liquor:

Fortinos on Worthington Ave
FreshCo on  Bovaird Dr
Longo’s on Dufay Rd
Metro (Trinity Commons) – Wine Rack
Metro ( Bramalea City Centre) – Wine Rack

Beer & Cider
Metro at Trinity Commons
Longo’s on Hurontario Street
Metro on Hurontario Street
Walmart Supercentre on Quarry Edge Drive
Walmart Supercentre on Coventry Road

What about beer?

Brampton has a few more Beer Stores than LCBOs so this is a bit of an easier feat. You’ll definitely want to avoid the Beer Store at 80 Peel Centre Drive, right beside the LCBO. #Nightmare. All others are a pretty safe bet.

Have a good or bad experience at a local LCBO or Beer Store? Let us know in the comments below.