There are six Service Ontario locations in Brampton, and whether we like it or not, we’ll all be visiting them until the end of time, whether it’s for a health card renewal, license plate stickers or something else. But not all are equal: you’ll get better customer service and professionalism from the staff at some locations, and while government offices tend to have the expectation of long lines and wait times, some locations are credited with being more efficient than others. So without further ado, here is a ranking of the best and worst Service Ontario locations in Brampton.

Service Ontario – 4 McLaughlin Rd S Unit 8

This Service Ontario location is the highest-rated in Brampton at an even 4 stars from 56 reviews. Not only do reviewers say the customer service is stellar and the staff is helpful, but many also note that the lineups and wait times are short.

What past visitors are saying:

“Fast service, staff who assist us was very nice and make you feel comfortable.”

“Always go to this location for Service Ontario related work. Staff is professional and efficient. Today I went there to get my father’s health card.”

“I highly recommend this Service Ontario Centre. Really fast service and no long queues. Got my work done in less than 4 minutes from the time I entered the centre.”

Service Ontario – 1 Wexford Rd Unit 13

With 58 reviews, this location is one of the highest rated in Brampton at 3.9 stars. Great customer service, helpful staff, and efficiency are just a few of the reasons it gets major kudos from people.

What past visitors are saying:

“Enough staff to support weekend rush and they were all upbeat and pleasant. Parking is limited but service in the centre makes it up for it.”

“Excellent customer service. The couple times I’ve been there I was out in less that 30 minutes. Very well organized.”

“this is one [government office] that takes efficiency seriously. They had a staff member walking up to each person in line to help them with their forms. Which led to much lower time spent at the counter by each person.”

Service Ontario – 2150 Steeles Ave E Unit 2

This Service Ontario location serves the Bramalea area and comes recommended at 3.7 stars from 38 reviews. Customer service and the helpful nature of staff are what earned this location its good reviews.

What past visitors are saying:

“This location is so easy going. Service easy fast, the staff is actually very nice. It seems the only reason why the lines may not move fast. Is because they are actually helping the people they are serving solve an issue.”

My experience here was pleasant. The staff member who processed my application was very friendly and helpful. I think things could go a lot faster though if all of the counters were opened.”

“Long Long Line and a long wait but they we very professional and helpful.”

Service Ontario – 2880 Queen St E Unit 8

This location sits in the middle of the pack at 3.5 stars from 69 reviews. The customer service has low ratings but lots of people credit it for having fast service, even when its busy. It’s also open on Saturdays.

What past visitors are saying:

“Service is much faster than other locations in Brampton. They also do a better job at managing the line.”

“The woman that served me was quick and professional. The only drawback is if you come with friends/family members, there is no seating like other Service Ontario locations.”

Service Ontario — 1 Gateway Blvd

This Service Ontario location in Brampton is one of the lowest rated at 2.8 stars from 62 reviews. Bad customer service, slow service, and lengthy lineups are mentioned in the many one-star reviews this location has received.

What past visitors are saying:

“Staff lack skills, knowledge and common sense altogether. The wait times are not even excusable, it apparently takes two agents to hand out the tickets, really?!”

“They are not trained properly and they have a very bad service and so slow I spent two hours and they couldn’t fix my problem.”

“Had me waiting over 30 minutes with a crying baby just to purchase a manual.”

Service Ontario — 55 Mountainash Rd

This location is the worst rated in Brampton at 2.3 stars from 61 reviews. Almost all of the one-star reviews mention bad customer service and unprofessional staff. You may not want to call this particular location for information either because according to reviewers, you’ll have a hard time getting a hold of anyone.

What past visitors are saying:

“Extremely unprofessional and outright rude at this location. I will drive 10 mins out of my way next time to avoid this location.”

“Really long lines, service isn’t the best. Last time I went here the employee had a lollipop in her mouth while serving customers, I found that to be really unprofessional among other things.”

“Some of the rudest and most obnoxious employees I’ve met in my life.”

Which Service Ontario locations in Brampton have you had a good or bad experience at? Let us know in the comments.