Police issue dozens of traffic tickets and witness countless violations across the city every day. But there are five violations Brampton drivers most frequently commit. Are you guilty of any of these potentially lethal infractions? Check them out below.

1. Speeding

This is the most common traffic offence in Brampton and probably any other city. It’s usually a minor offense, depending on speed. It isn’t often you’ll be caught in the act, but police do have key areas across the city where they like to lay in wait.

2. Failure to stop at stop signs

This offence is most common in residential areas and mall parking lots. Brampton drivers can’t seem to find a happy medium with this one, they either blow through the stop sign or stop but forget how to yield properly.

3. Cellphone usage

This is is near the top of the list of common violations, despite the massive risk and hefty fine that accompanies it. We see other drivers doing it on a daily basis, and chances are we’re guilty of it ourselves. It is by far the most dangerous, though, so stop doing it.

4. Making improper turns

We’ve all seen this one before — a driver either turns when prohibited on a red light or turns from the wrong lane. It’s annoying, it’s dangerous, and if you’re turning right on a red in an intersection with a red light camera, it may result in a ticket upwards of $300.

5. Running red lights

Many drivers are guilty of trying to beat a light and going through a red. Brampton, through the Region of Peel brings in millions a year in red light camera tickets which are $300 a pop. About 15 intersections across the city are equipped with them, so this particular traffic violation could cost you, even when the cops aren’t around to see.