The Little Mermaid Now Showing at The Rose Theatre Until April 8

Brampton Music Theatre is taking us under the sea.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal of Brampton Musical Theatre’s The Little Mermaid. Without costumes, makeup and a real stage it was already mesmerizing. I can’t wait to see the final product when it makes its way to the Rose Theatre on March 30th.

The puppets, costumes and casting will live up to all of your Little Mermaid expectations – the actors fit their characters to a tee. Jenna DiMarco, who plays Ariel, is sure to transport you under the sea with her vocals and giddy demeanour.

Ariel during a full dress rehearsal

Rehearsals for The Little Mermaid began in early January and it’s evident how much effort they’ve put in. Chris Ning, who plays Sebastian, is thrilled to take part in his second full Brampton Musical Theatre (BMT) production. “Playing Sebastian is a dream come true… you grow up watching it and it’s just nostalgic,” says Ning.

Learning to puppeteer has been an interesting task for the cast members who play the small animals. But it’s definitely worth it because the puppets are stunning – and made by the show’s very own artistic director, Steven Botelho.

Not only is this a production for all ages but the cast ranges in age as well. One of the youngest members is 13-year-old Ethan Berkely Garcia, who plays Flounder. He met a few people from BMT through a Brampton arts summer camp and says that’s where it all began for him.

Mermaids during a full dress rehearsal

“I am so excited and I feel ready,” says Berkely Garcia. “The cast has such great energy and I hope that’s reflected on stage.”

I certainly felt the amazing chemistry while sitting in on the dress rehearsal!

You can catch Brampton Music Theatre’s production of The Little Mermaid March 30th to April 8th at the Rose Theatre.

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Photos by Bryan McGowan Photography