Pizza is everybody’s go-to, and for good reason. With the big variety, there’s something for just about everyone to love. Brampton has lots of pizza options, from New York Style and Neapolitan, to the Indian-inspired Desi pizza. Here’s your guide to some good ‘za in Brampton


A true Neapolitan pizza follows rigid guidelines to achieve its perfect crust. At the pinnacle of authentic Italian pizza, it’s no surprise that only one restaurant in Brampton follows the necessary guidelines to achieve it. You can find a delicious, authentic Neapolitan pizza at That Italian Place.

Wood Fired

Some say the wood fried ‘za is the sister to the Neapolitan pizza, also coming out of Naples. You can find wood fired pies at J. Red & Co and Cantina Fellini.

New York Style

The New York Style pizza is identified by its pliable crust and light dusting of sauce, making it easy to fold and eat on the go. For a close take, check out Mackay Pizza, Venezia Pizza and Gusto’s.

Desi Pizza

Desi-style pizzas are a great way to add a little more flavour and kick to an already good pie, and all of the shops serving this tasty treat offer the required toppings — ginger, coriander, green chilies, and fresh garlic — at no extra charge. City South, Popular Pizza and Pizza Depot all know how to do the Desi pizza justice.


The best halal pizzas in Brampton satisfy that craving for cheese, sauce and carbs within the necessary rules. Don’t expect anything too extravagant, just good pizza. Shaf’s Pizza & Broast has a bunch of options outside of their halal pizzas, including fried chicken and wings. Baba’s Pizza and 786 Pizza are also reliable halal options.


Khalsa Pizza is the only completely vegetarian pizzeria in the city. Of course you can get a pizza with vegetables on it anywhere, but you can’t get vegetarian pepperoni, meatballs and ground beef. They also have a few other exotic toppings like grilled eggplant and paneer. Vegetarians rejoice!


Also known as Lebanese pizza, Manakeesh is a classic Arab street food that resembles a flatbread. It’s often dusted in za’atar and melted cheese, and served with plenty of other toppings like labneh and kishek. You can enjoy one at Paramount Fine Foods’ two locations in Brampton.

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