Over the past 10 years, Ontario’s job market has undergone significant changes. Manufacturing jobs are shrinking as new technologies come along, and the number of mid-level white-collar jobs are also on the decline.

With a higher minimum wage, a growing regulatory burden for businesses, and an increasingly more competitive global economy, there’s no telling what the job landscape will look like 5, 10, and even 15 years from now.

Precarious work is all too common these days, and contract positions seem to be on the rise. Lots of people now find themselves looking to the public sector for stable jobs with decent salaries and benefits, and it turns out that there’s a website that can help.

GovHire, a new website, gathers into one place public sector jobs in Ontario from across different agencies, cities, and levels of government.

The website allows you to search based on location and it includes almost all cities in Ontario. You can also search based on different organizations like the City of Brampton, the Kitchener Library, or Ryerson University.

Check out the website here.