One of the most unique and enjoyable trends of the last decade is the video game-inspired Escape Room. In this real-world version, players must figure their way out of a room before a predetermined deadline by acquiring clues and using strategies. Here are seven Escape Rooms that you can enjoy near Brampton so you don’t have to fight downtown Toronto traffic.

Key Quest Escape Room

Located less than 10 minutes from downtown Brampton, Key Quest offers three different rooms. Gamers can pick from Vacation Vandals, The Cellar, and Detention. You need a minimum of three people to book a room, but the price per participant is only $15. If you accomplish your mission in less than 45 minutes you can get a two-for-one pass to Laser Quest.

Perplexity Escape Games

This Brampton location offers five different rooms. There’s The Last Laugh, The Elevator, The Short Cut, Kate’s Motel, and Criminal Binds (no indication if Shemar Moore will show up and call you “baby girl” in that last one, but we can hope.) The website shows the level of difficulty of each room as well as the average “pass rate.” The completion time, minimum participants, and costs vary for each room.

X-treme Escape Adventures

Located in Mississauga, this company advertises itself as “Toronto’s No. 1 Escape Room Adventure.” There are three choices here: Graveyard Shift, The Antidote, and Airport Explosion. That last one might hit a little too close to home for frequent flyers. The escape time for each room is 45 minutes, and the cost is $30 per person.

De Code Adventures

This escape room is less than a half hour’s drive from Brampton. Rooms like De Code The Child’s Play, Board Game Adventure, De Triad Code, and De Code the Art Legacy seem more geared towards solving puzzles than scaring participants. On the other hand, The Mutagen Effect and The Darkest Hour have a distinctly science fiction vibe. Each room is rated according to five factors and the cost is $30 per person.

Escape The House

The website for this Mississauga company asks “Can you beat the house?” Rooms include Turbulence, Trapped, and Last Stop Motel. The company has new rooms planned for the near future. One is called Underground Casino and the other is the scary-sounding The Zodiac Killer. Each room charges $60 per participant for a 45-minute escape room experience.

Captive Rooms

Captive Rooms has locations in Mississauga, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vaughan, Ottawa, and Calgary. There are four rooms to choose from. Dracula’s Library, takes place in 1862 New Orleans. Charlotte asks players to determine why Gerald Grundy killed his daughters and himself. Cabinet of Curiosities houses a deep, dark secret). The Surgeon is someone who has picked you to play his gruesome game. The cost is $28 per person, and each room has varying numbers of minimum and maximum participants.

Mr. Escape

Mr. Escape has three different rooms. There is Lost Pyramid, Kidnap, and Annabelle, which is, you guessed it, about that creepy AF doll. There are two rooms advertised as coming soon: Killing Game: Winery and Stringer Requiem. Each room takes about an hour to get through and  costs $25 per player. The website’s FAQ offers helpful information like “Every room has a fire extinguisher for safety reason. It is not part of the game puzzle. Please do not use it unless you see fire.”


The Kingdom of Cats, Dark Altar, Joker’s Asylum, Project Sphere, and The Penitentiary are the options available at this company’s Markham location. The Scarborough escape room features rooms like Virus Outbreak: The Final Hour, Shut Down, and The Red Admiral. Defend the Magic Academy is “coming soon”. The Scarborough locale also offers something called Epic Runner. The website describes this as a blend of competitive sports and board games. Costs vary from $27 to $29.50 per person.

As with all Escape Rooms, please check the individual websites for age restrictions and other rules and regulations. Most, if not all, of these companies require that you book well in advance. They also often ask that you secure your room with a deposit. Many escape rooms are also available for corporate events. Have fun escaping!