Tory Lanez Releases Two Mixtapes, Throws Disses at Drake

Tory Lanez — a.k.a Argentina Fargo a.k.a Daystar Peterson — the Brampton boy turned rap superstar released two brand new mixtapes on the first day of 2017.

The two mixtapes were sequels to his established mixtape series: The New Toronto 2 and Chixtape 4. The second installment of ‘The New Toronto’ is a more trap influenced, bassy rap project whereas the new Chixtape revolves around themes of love with R&B sounding instrumentals and singing.

On the track ‘LICK x Drive You Crazy’, the Bramptonian disses Drizzy yet again saying,

More than a nigga that’s ballin’, I need a Espy
More than a Miami papi that’s on a jetski
Ice on Wayne, whole chain on Gretzki
When I start winnin’, don’t you rap niggas text me
Grinnin’ at the view of your corpses in a fortress
‘Bout to make Forbes list, everythin’ is gorgeous
Indoor B-ball courts lit where the floor sit
Still runnin’ shit like faucettes in an orphanage

The lines are a direct reference to Drake’s track ‘5am in Toronto’.

The following lines refer to Drake’s ‘OVO’ brand:

And I pray I never dress like y’all
Only bird on my shirt is when I press that raw

It’s umbrellas on my sweater for bitches thats under weather
Blowin’ kisses at the cheddar when I test that jaw

Full lyrics here.

Tory Lanez started 2017 with a bang. We’re patiently waiting on a response from Drizzy — if one is to come at all.

Click here to listen to the full mixtapes.