A new agreement between the TTC and GO Transit will introduce fare integrations making it cheaper for riders to hop from one service to another without paying an arm and leg.

Now anyone transferring from the TTC to GO buses and trains or on to the Union-Pearson Express will receive $1.50 off their fare. Alternatively, you’re transferring from the GO — which many Bramptonians do on their daily commutes — or the UP Express, you’ll get $1.50 off your TTC fare.

Where will the money come from? The province has committed to subsidizing the cost and will reimburse the TTC on any money lost on the reduced fares.

Metrolinx, the operators of GO Transit, currently has fare integration agreements with 12 other transit systems in the GTA, including Brampton. Right now riders pay 80 cents when the transfer to and from the Brampton Transit system from GO Transit.

Meanwhile, with the new subway extension opening in December will connect Brampton directly to the TTC system through the 501 Queen, but no fare integration agreement between Brampton Transit and the TTC has been revealed yet.