Uber riders in a few cities across the country can now tip their favourite drivers through a new gratuity feature.

The option to tip was introduced in some US cities a few months ago as one of the new features on the company’s app.

Uber spokespeople say tipping was the number one most requested feature by drivers and passengers alike.

Right now tipping is only available in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Windsor and Kingston, with plans to roll out to Brampton and the rest of the country by the end of July.

Passengers will receive the option to tip, and drivers won’t know until after the ride — which means a bad tip or no tip at all won’t impact how they rate their passengers.

Uber is also rolling out a bunch of other features including shorter time periods (from 5 minutes to 2 minutes) where passengers can cancel rides without paying a cancellation fee.

Passengers will also be required to pay driver wait fees on a per-minute basis. If a driver waits more than two minutes, fees start being collected.

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