There are few things more beautiful than a smoothie bowl overflowing with fresh fruit, granola, coconut and other delicious toppings. They’re great for you, full of amazing nutrients and antioxidants, and they’re delicious.

Smoothie bowls have been a thing in metropolitan cities for a while. They’ve had their heyday in Instagram feeds everywhere, but they haven’t been available in Brampton until recently.

Trish Juice, Brampton’s newest fresh juice bar serves up this little bit of deliciousness on its extensive menu.

The big bowls of fruit puree served up like parfaits come in a few variations at Trish Juice. The menu has 7 different bowls, with the option to personalize each as you see fit.

A couple of the most popular bowls are the banana bowl, a mango, pineapple and banana puree topped with coconut flakes, chia seeds, and granola as well as the Carrot Cake Bowl, a mix of carrot, pineapple, peach, cinnamon and ginger topped with coconut flakes and granola.

Smoothie bowls are ideal for breakfast, but the restaurant offers them all day so there’s nothing stopping you from having one for lunch or dinner. The size is pretty generous and will definitely fill you up.

If smoothie bowls don’t happen to strike your fancy (which is crazy because who doesn’t love smoothie bowls) Trish Juice also serves up freshly squeezed juices, regular smoothies, milkshakes, and even bubble tea and espresso.

Check them out at 11 Queen Street West in downtown Brampton.