Anyone looking for a ride in and out of the airport will be able to save a few bucks because UberX and Lyft are now allowed to do pickups at Toronto Pearson.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) has officially kicked off an 18-month pilot program allowing the two ride-sharing companies access to drop off and pick up passengers at the airport.

Previously both services could drop riders off, but couldn’t pick them up. But passengers can now hop off their flights, request rides and probably save money too. Most taxis to and from the airport run from about $50 to $60 per ride to Brampton, but rides from most parts of Brampton to the airport cost anywhere from $25 to $40 on UberX.

GTAA says this now puts Toronto Pearson in line with most other airports across the globe. “Following significant demand from our passengers, we believe that a pilot of full ride-sharing options is timely at Toronto Pearson, and in line with other airports across Canada and the U.S. already offering this service,” said Scott Collier, the GTAA’s vice-president of customer and terminal services, in a statement.

According to information on Uber’s website drivers will be charged $4.50 by GTAA to pick up passengers, while taxi and limousines companies are being charged $15.

Unsurprisingly, taxi and limousine companies aren’t happy about the new program. Unifor, which represents approximately 500 limo drivers, is asking for an immediate end to the program, calling it an unfair two-tier system that heavily favours the ride-sharing companies.

But GTAA spokesperson Erin Kelly, in response to the statement, told The Star that taxicabs and limo operators receive a much more favourable curb position at the airport than the ride-sharing companies participating in the program do. Limousine companies pay upwards of $9,500 per year to be able to operate in and out of the airport.

As the program continues to roll out GTAA says it will work with all parties involved to ensure their voices are heard.

Are you pleased or disappointed with the GTAA’s decision to allow ride-sharing drop-offs and pickups to Pearson Airport? Let us know in the comments below.