Zum Bus Service Into York U Could be Cancelled

Brampton Transit recently announced service initiatives that they plan to roll out in the fall, and big changes could be coming to the 501 and the 501A Queen Zum bus service.

With the new Spadina Subway extension opening to Highway 7 in Vaughan via York University by the end of the year, a major overhaul of routes serving the university is expected, including the 501/A Zum.

York University has indicated that they would like to limit the amount of bus service to the campus to cut down on traffic, and Brampton Transit is considering a number of options when the subway extension finally opens.

One option could see direct bus service from Brampton into York University eliminated.

Currently, the 501A is the fastest and most direct route into York University, travelling from Brampton straight into campus.

But one of the options Brampton Transit is considering is to eliminate the 501A all together and keep the 501 limited to the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Station at Highway 7.

Under the elimination option, riders would take the bus to VMC station and take the subway three stops to get into the university.

While it’s great news for Brampton Transit riders looking for additional options to get to Toronto’s subway system, it’s not ideal for students.

It would lengthen travel times, and with no fare integration planned or negotiated with the TTC as of this writing, riders from Brampton would be required to pay a second full fare to ride the subway from Vaughan to York University.

Brampton Transit is also considering splitting the 501 and 501A and making them their own separate routes. This would be a good option, as it would mean more frequent buses to both York University and to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and its new subway extension.

The last option is to maintain the status quo, though it isn’t clear yet what Brampton Transit will choose to do.

Members of the community can offer feedback on the potential changes here.