I like to think of myself as an ice cream connoisseur, if there is such a thing. One summer I drove around Brampton to try all of the different ice cream venues with my friends. I don’t know if we got them all or not, but that is how obsessed I am with ice cream and its deliciousness.

As a self-proclaimed expert in ice cream, I must say Kawartha Dairy is the greatest on the entire planet (probably). But, I tried to create this list with a sense of impartiality and include gelato as well. So here we go:

1. Little Shop of Ice Cream

This adorable shop is located right downtown in Garden Square. Perfect for those times when you’re catching a movie on the big screen or just passing through. Contrary to the name, this shop sells more than just ice cream. They sell soups, sandwiches, salads and even baked goods. Little Shop is a great place to grab a bite and enjoy ice cream. (They usually have a few Kawartha Dairy flavours as well.)

Location: 2B Queen St. E

2. Purdy’s

I couldn’t leave Purdy’s off the list. The ice cream they serve is exclusively Kawartha Dairy, and we know how I feel about that! Toppings include milk chocolate and white chocolate, nuts, and sprinkles. If I’m at Bramalea City Centre, Purdy’s is my go-to. They also give you a card so that when you reach ten ice cream purchases, you get one free!

Location: 25 Peel Centre Dr. (Bramalea City Centre)

3. Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery has such a good thing going for it. If you’ve never been before, it is a must-try. You can pick your favourite ice cream flavour and topping(s), then they mash it all together on a cold marble slab (get it?) and voila. Amazingness. They have SO many mix-in options you are certain find something you like here.

Locations: 160 Great Lakes Drive

4. MacaronZ

Last summer I was blessed with the chance to try the macaron ice cream at MacaronZ. (You can find the review on that here). They sell chocolate or vanilla ice cream that has chopped up macaron pieces in it. The pieces are all different flavours so you’re really in for a flavour explosion. It’s a huge helping of ice cream, so you may want to share with someone else.

Locations: 43 Queen St. E

5. Dipsidoo

This dessert bar is not a traditional ice cream store, but they’re worth a mention because of their ice cream sundae churros. They also have waffle boats and other cold, delicious treats to keep you cool on a summer day.

Location: 25 Peel Centre Dr. (Bramalea City Centre)

6. Dairy Queen

Old faithful as I like to call it. Rain or shine, good weather or bad, the Queen Street Dairy Queen is going to have what you’re looking for. My current DQ obsession is their small funnel cakes with ice cream. It’s like I’m at a summer fair minus the entrance fees and giant crowds. Also, you cannot go wrong with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake — those things are straight-up created by the gods.

Locations: 133 Queen St. E

7. Demetres

Where else can you get a dessert called Lemony Snicket or Summertime Fatness? If you don’t find these dessert names funny then I am not able to help you, but I hope you find happiness in your life sometime soon. The portion sizes at Demetre are insane, so if you’re a first timer I suggest sharing a plate – unless you’re into that whole “living on the edge” thing. I tend to stick to chocolate ice cream when I’m there and it is delicious! Their menu has a massive selection, so there’s something for everyone.

Location: 50 Peel Centre Dr #111

8. Ice Cream Café Inc

Ice Cream Café is a cute shop conveniently located next to the Gage Park in the downtown core. The inside of the store is pink and I find it has a nice small town vibe to it. They have tons of unique and delicious ice cream flavours and the staff are extremely friendly. If you’re a gelato person, there are plenty of options for you too, including a Nutella flavour, which is, of course, delicious.

Location: 23 Main St.

9. Crepe Delicious

You know all those times you walked through the BCC’s main food court and passed the gelato stand? I’m going to suggest that you stop next time. They’ve got a great selection of gelato flavours including cheesecake, which tastes as good as it sounds.  They can also whip you up a sweet or savoury crepe if you want something to accompany your gelato.

Location: 25 Peel Centre Dr. (Bramalea City Centre)

10. That Italian Place

This place is known for its feature on The Food Network. Their stone oven pizzas and Stromboli come highly recommended, and while you’re enjoying the great Italian food, you can also enjoy delicious gelato. They have a small, but high-quality selection.

What’s your favourite ice cream spot in Brampton?