Sometimes we humans aren’t even sure if we’re ready for Christmas when the holiday shows up, but these dogs were born ready.

Like this big guy who gives Christmas cheer a whole new meaning.


And this good boy who sits so nicely he should get a cookie.


And this baby straight from the groomer. Lookin’ good, pupper. Lookin’ good.


This doggo is so ready he can’t even contain himself.


And of course this good boy who has his sweetest face on for Santa.


This smart pup at Gage Park takes “sit” to a whole new level. 12/10 would give a tasty biscuit.

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Found a Gizmo sized chair today 🌚🌚🌚

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This gorgeous floof looks a little worried. Were you a good pupper this year? Of COURSE you were.


This bully boy knows he’s fly.


This sweet girl is staying in the kitchen in case anybody drops any Christmas treats. Smart lady!


This silky boy is not leaving the tree so he can be sure to gets pats on the head and a “good boy!” from Santa.


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