Nothing beats a good comfort food dish in the dead of winter or at the end of a stressful day. Brampton’s food scene is diverse and you can find comfort food classics from different parts of the world, so here are 10 must-try dishes.

1. Clam Chowder – J. Red & Co

J. Red’s clam chowder has become legendary over the years since the restaurant opened. It’s a crowd favourite, especially for people on the east coast, which might be because it’s a creamy Nova Scotia-style chowder packed with potatoes and roasted corn. (341 Main Street North)

2. Spicy Mac & Cheese – Food Fight BBQ

Mac and cheese is a comfort food basic and Food Fight serves up some of the best. The restaurant uses shell pasta rather than the traditional elbow kind, and it comes smothered in cheese. You can enjoy it at various spice levels and Food Fight uses an in-house blend with a Caribbean influence. But the best part about this mac and cheese? You can enjoy it topped with BBQ smoked pulled pork, chicken or brisket. (100 Maritime Ontario Boulevard)

3. Grilled Cheese – Little Shop of Ice Cream

This downtown lunch spot is popular for its homey, freshly made lunch items. Little Shop’s grilled cheese is just one of the comfort food classics on the menu. You can enjoy the classic cheese and bread, or one of the deluxe sandwiches, like the pulled pork grilled cheese, or the jalapeno popper. All of them come on bread baked fresh daily. (1 Theatre Lane)

4. Gnocchi Bolognese – Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

Fanzorelli’s has been in the Brampton community for decades, and its gnocchi has always received rave reviews. It comes served with Fanzorelli’s traditional Bolognese sauce and shaved Parmigiano. (50 Queen Street West)

5. Beef Pho – Pho Viet Nam

Pho is one of the best dishes you can have on a cold winter day. This Vietnamese staple comes in a ton of varieties and combinations making it super easy to build a dish you’ll enjoy. A rare beef pho or something with vermicelli noodles is always a great beginning. (14 Main Street South)

6. Loaded Poutine – Poutine Dare to Be Fresh!

Poutine is the ultimate Canadian comfort food and a loaded poutine from Dare is the best way to level it up. It comes topped with crispy bacon, sour cream, and chives — simple but so delicious. (20 Main Street South)

7. Steamed Dumplings – Green Bites Dumpling & Tea Bar

Dumplings are a staple in Chinese cuisine, and you won’t find anything more delicious in Brampton than the ones at Green Bites. The restaurant makes dumplings by hand from a recipe that was passed down through the generations. The chefs also trained in China for months perfecting their craft. Green Bites serves up its dumplings with a pretty mean house-made sauce too. (35 Resolution Drive, Unit 10)

8. Red Thai Curry – Freshly Thai

It’s warm, it’s spicy and served over a bed of fluffy steamed rice, and it’s one of the best comfort food dishes out there. Freshly Thai claims its red curry is completely GMO-free, and the restaurant also has vegan options on the menu. (48 Queen Street West)

9. Pierogies – Queen Gypsy Pub

Just about every Canadian probably has frozen pierogies in their fridge. But this dish puts the frozen stuff to shame. Queen Gypsy crafts its pierogies in-house and they come stuffed with cheese and served with crispy bacon on top, and cornbread and pickled beets on the side. (10 Main Street South)

10. Chicken Korma – King Tandoori

Indian food is by nature usually pretty comforting. It’s made up of gravies and sauces, and delicious warm pieces of naan to dip them up with. What isn’t comforting about that? It’s hard to choose just one Indian dish in Brampton that’s stellar — there are so many options — but a great place to start is with the chicken korma at King Tandoori. (Two Brampton locations: 107 Kennedy Road South, Units 11 & 12; and 270 Rutherford Road South, Unit 1)