Brampton was recently named one of the best places to live for commuters to Toronto, but what about employment in Brampton itself? These companies all have a lot to offer employees looking for work closer to home.


Amazon is one of the world’s biggest and most well-known companies. CEO Jeff Bezos is only a few billion dollars behind Bill Gates when it comes to “World’s Richest Person.” The company’s newest warehouse location in Brampton takes up 850,000 square feet. Although it’s Amazon Canada’s second location in the city, it’s their first to be equipped with high-tech robotics which, counter-intuitively, increases their hiring capabilities. The warehouse, which opened last fall, created 700 new jobs.


Armcell is a Brampton-based company that recently launched an environmentally friendly and sustainable process for making wind turbines–using water bottles. It’s this kind of forward thinking that helped the company win Brampton Board of Trade’s 2017 award for “Spirit of Innovation.” Additionally, their new PET (polyethylene teraphalate) manufacturing line in Brampton will bring even more jobs to the city. Despite having 25 production plants in 16 countries across the globe, the company still has a locally owned feel.

Canon Canada

Canon Canada has been the leading provider of consumer, business, and medical digital imaging products, including equipment for radiology, ophthalmology, and broadcast. And of course: cameras. The company’s state-of-the-art headquarters in Brampton includes employee amenities like a full-service cafeteria, a fitness centre with windows overlooking a nearby storm management pond, a walking trail, and a meditation retreat. The campus’s sustainable architecture and building materials were designed to achieve gold certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental (LEED) rating system.

City of Brampton

Brampton is one of the youngest, fastest-growing, and most diverse cities in Canada, which means that there are many opportunities for career growth. Working for the City of Brampton is ideal for those who don’t want to commute long hours. Employees of the city also have access to a wide range of job opportunities and employee benefits. The City of Brampton offers a performance management program, flexible work arrangements, pension plan and health benefits, an employee assistance program, career counseling, and education assistance.

CN Rail

Highway congestion in many North American cities means that manufacturers and retailers have turned back to trains to fulfill their long-haul delivery needs. Since CN Rail is the largest intermodal terminal in North America, Brampton has lots of jobs. CN Rail offers a competitive benefits package, including maternity leave top-up payments and daycare and tuition subsidies. The company manages the “Railroaders in the Community” program which provides grants to charitable organizations where employees, along with their families and retirees, volunteer their time. These are all factors that contributed to CN Rail being named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers of 2017.


This medical diagnostics company, established in 1959, has received many accolades over the years for providing an outstanding work environment to its employees. Most recently, the company, whose head office is located in Brampton, was named one of Greater Toronto’s Top 100 employers for 2017. The company offers a health spending account, retirement planning assistance, and contributions to a matching RSP plan. Frequent employee reviews, paid internships, tuition subsidies, flexible work hours, and generous vacation packages are also benefits available at Dynacare, which employs around 2,000 people across Canada.


You might be familiar with the Canadarm, the robotic technology developed by MDA that was utilized in the U.S Space Shuttle program. But did you know that the technology has also been used in servicing nuclear power stations, utility power lines, cleaning up hazardous waste, and telesurgery? MDA also provides services for home television, satellite radio, broadband internet, and mobile communications, in addition to surveillance and intelligence operations. The company offers flexible work hours, competitive compensation and benefits packages, an Employee Share Purchase Plan, and a retirement plan.

Paramount Fine Foods

Beginning as one restaurant in Mississauga, Paramount Fine Foods has become the fasting growing Middle Eastern food chain in Canada, serving fresh, healthy, and strictly Halal food. The company is also focused on giving back to the community, supporting programs for kids and youth, families in need, health and wellness, and arts and culture. In addition, CEO Mohama Fakih has pledged to hire up to 100 Syrian newcomers to work in one of more than 20 franchises across Canada. He’s also partnered with Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge (RULSC) and Magnet, a job-finding service, to help other Syrians find work outside of his restaurants.

Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications is one of the biggest and most well-known companies in Canada, so it’s no surprise that they were listed as one of the country’s Top 100 Companies in 2017. The company recently introduced a new workspace design strategy called Sharespace, a highly-mobile, collaborative work environment that gives greater flexibility to employees. In addition to their share purchase plan which allows employees to be become owners, Rogers also offers year-end and employee referral bonuses, and subsidized membership to a fully-equipped fitness facility. The Brampton location on Dixie features an on-site clinic, a huge dining hall with multiple restaurants, and a gym with yoga classes and rock climbing.

Sheridan College

With all the discussion of the potential university in Brampton, it might be easy to forget that Sheridan College has a campus here as well. In addition to their robust Human Resources department, Sheridan offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, a pension plan, employee assistance programs, and a generous maternity and parental leave plan. Professional Development funding, tuition reimbursement, discounted courses, employee learning workshops, and scholarship plans for dependents are also available for employees. The Brampton campus even includes athletic facilities, library and learning services, and a childcare centre.