With Valentine’s Day coming next week, you may want to figure out what to do in order to have a fun time out with your date. Here are 10 date ideas for Valentine’s Day in Brampton.

Skating in Gage Park

Skating is an active and fun activity for you and your date. On Gage Park’s skating trail you can enjoy the beauty of the lights and night scenery while skating through the park. This one’s always pending weather cooperation of course. (45 Main Street South)

Book a special Valentines Day Dinner Reservation

With Valentine’s Day, booking a special dinner reservation for you and your date to talk with each other while enjoying delicious gourmet food is always a good idea. With many high-quality restaurants in Brampton such as Firangi, J. Red & Co., and Fanzorellis, you have plenty of options to choose from to book a date for two. (Firangi – 2880 Queen Street South) (J.Red & Co. – 341 Main Street North) (Fanzorellis – 50 Queen Street West)

Movie Night at SilverCity Brampton

Sometimes a night out at the movies can be a blast. Whether its a romantic drama, comedy or action-packed blockbuster, you and your date will have a good time. (50 Great Lakes Drive)

Watching a performance at the Rose Theatre

The Rose Theatre has a lot of great performances and special presentations every month. Catching one of these with your date is sure to be a special experience. There are shows all through the month so even if the Sinatra-inspired performance on the big day doesn’t appeal to you, there are still a ton of options. Check the calendar here. (1 Theatre Lane)

Visit the Peel Art Gallery or Beaux Arts

Spending a little time at Brampton’s very own Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives (PAMA) or Beaux Arts can be a unique date. Whether to see the latest exhibitions or just for a leisurely stroll, you can learn a lot about each other’s artistic side before you head off to get a drink or dinner. (Peel Art Gallery – 9 Wellington Street East) (Beaux Arts Gallery – 70-74 Main Street North)

Visit a Spa or Massage Centre

Visiting a spa or massage centre is a nice way for you and your date to relax and relieve a little stress. Spas in Brampton such as Purple Rain Spa and BlissDay Spa offer Valentines Day packages this time of year. (Purple Rain Spa – 60 Queen Street East I14) (BlissDay Spa – 20 Maritime Boulevard#26)

Bowling at Bowlero Brampton or Brampton Bowling Lanes

Bowling is always a fun activity especially when going out on a date. You can make it a double date to give you and your SO someone to team up against. (Bowlero Brampton – 50 Bramtree Crescent) (Brampton Bowling Lanes – 12 Beech Street)

Fun on Mount Chinguacousy

Chinguacousy Park offers a ton of activities during the winter season. On Mount Chinguacousy, you can plan to have fun with your date with three activities: skiing, snowboarding, or tubing. (9050 Bramalea Road)

Visit a Dessert Shop or Cafe

Brampton offers a wide variety of dessert shops and cafes to indulge your sweet tooth. With plenty to choose from such as Demetres, Ice Cream Cafe, Mi Churros, and Nom Noms Yogurt Bar and Cafe, you and your date can enjoy the best delicious treats there are. (Demetres – 50 Peel Centre Drive #111) (Ice Cream Cafe – 23 Main Street South) (Mi Churros – 22 Main Street South) (Nom Noms – 23 Queen Street East)

Visit Wild Card Board Game Cafe

Another fun activity for you and your date to enjoy is visiting Brampton’s Wild Card Board Game Cafe to have a fun time out and eat snacks or indulge in some of their amazing milkshakes. It can also be even more fun for double dates, too. After all, more games suit four players than two. (35 Main Street North)