Despite the recent weather, summer is coming to Ontario and there are lots of food festivals to hit up all season. Here are ten food festivals outside of Brampton happening in Ontario this summer.

1. Toronto Poutine Fest

  • Location: Yonge and Dundas, 1 Dundas Street East, Toronto
  • Dates: May 24 -26

The best food trucks in Canada come to Toronto to share more than 50 variations of gourmet poutine during this annual festival.

2. Brunch Fest Toronto

  • Location: 115 Princes’ Blvd on the grounds of Hotel X, Toronto
  • Date: June 1 – 2

More than 20 of Toronto’s top chefs deliver a wide range of your favourite meal. With dishes such as Chicken and Waffles, Eggs Benedict, Smoothie Bowls and Pancakes. As well as drinks such as Fresh Smoothies, Cold Pressed Juices and freshly brewed coffee. There will also be games, dances, and a live band and DJ all day long.

3. Mac and Cheese Festival

  • Location: Roundhouse Park, Toronto
  • Dates: June 7 – 9

The Mac and Cheese Festival will be celebrating its fifth year with several celebrity chefs and cooks creating lots of mac and cheese dish variations. These chefs will also compete for the best mac and cheese according to festival-goers.

4. Grilled Cheese Festival

  • Location: Lakeshore Blvd. West and Islington, Toronto
  • Date: June 8

Toronto will be hosting its own Grilled Cheese Challenge this summer to see who can make the best grilled cheese sandwich. With both a judging panel and people’s choice panel for attendees, there are three categories: best tasting, most unique, and best gourmet.

5. The Burger Fest

  • Location: 1 Commerce St., Concord
  • Dates: June 14 – 16

Burger places from all over Ontario come to this festival to celebrate 3 days’ worth of burgers. All signature burgers are cooked in sliders form to help attendees enjoy more burgers at this festival.

6. Taco Fest Toronto

  • Location: Ontario Place, Toronto
  • Dates: June 14 – 16

Toronto’s finest chefs showcase their very own Mexican dishes such as tacos, guacamole, nachos, enchiladas, and churros. Drinks such as margaritas and tequila will also be made available. There will also be an authentic mariachi band, salsa dancers, and other live music.

7. Adult Beverage and Deep Fried Food Festival

  • Location: 99 Dairy Avenue, Napanee
  • Date: July 6

This festival celebrates all sorts of adult beverages from local craft beer, wine, and cider as well as lots of the best deep fried food made by vendors in the area. There’s also live music, a bartending skills competition, and food pairing sessions.

8. Pizza Fest Toronto

  • Location: Ontario Place, 955 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Toronto
  • Dates: July 19 – 21

The best pizza places and Italian restaurants in Toronto are all coming together for a second year for Pizza Fest. Serving fresh pizza, spaghetti carbonara, calzones, meatball sandwiches and other Italian dishes.

9. Beer Bourbon BBQ

  • Location: 115 Princes’ Blvd. on the grounds of Hotel X, Toronto
  • Date: August 9 – 11

This festival will have some of Toronto’s best BBQ as chefs and restaurants to cook one-of-a-kind barbecue. There will also be craft beer and many variations of bourbon to drink along with live country music and line dancing.

10. Sweetery Toronto Food Fest

  • Location: 215 King St. West, Toronto
  • Dates: August 10 – 11

This two-day event celebrates all sorts of confectionary and culinary arts for people to enjoy. There will be both food tent vendors and food trucks delivering all sorts of desserts and sweets from ice cream to croissants and many, many more.