10 Random Animals You Definitely Can’t Own in Brampton

According to Brampton’s animal control bylaws, you can’t make every creature in the animal kingdom your household pet. There are rules, darn it. Here’s a list of 10 animals you definitely can’t own under any circumstances in Brampton.

1. Geese

Don’t get any ideas about taking in Canadian geese. Not that you’d want to: they’re notoriously vicious. You also can’t own any other animals in the Anseriformes family, which includes ducks and swans.


2. Turkeys

The only turkey you’re allowed to own is the one on your Thanksgiving table.


3. Non-Human Primates

Gorillas and monkeys are off-limits too. This is probably a good thing because we all know how Planet of the Apes ended.


4. Raccoons & Skunks

Baby raccoons and skunks are cute from afar, but don’t get any ideas about taking them in. It takes a brave person to want to own a skunk, but no matter how brave you might be, it’s still illegal.


5. Seals & Walruses

How one would acquire a walrus or seal and bring it to Brampton in the first place remains a mystery, but either way, it’s also against the law.


6. Bats

Bats are creepy AF, but if there are folks out there who want to own skunks, there has to be someone out there who wants to own a flock of bats. Joke’s on them: bat pets are prohibited pets.


7. Crocodilians

Crocodolians, which include alligators and crocodiles, are on the no-go list. Again, how one would transport such an animal to Brampton isn’t immediately clear.


8. Arachnids

Scorpions and tarantulas can’t be owed. It makes sense, but this one is a surprise.


9. Sloths

Some people think sloths are cute and all, but you can’t own them as a regular house pet. As members of the Edentate family, armadillos are also outlaw pets.

10. Wolves

No wolves or anything closely similar to them can be owned, aside from the domestic dog.


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Nikita Brown: Editor-In-Chief. Perpetual go-getter and lover of cats. Get in touch at editor@bramptonist.com