The mass exodus of Zellers was sad enough, but then Target came, leaving a bunch of broken hearts in its wake when it left just as quickly. Canada just isn’t Canada without a giant red and white department store to purchase everything from clothing and video games to chips and curtains. For this reason we think Zellers needs to be resurrected and save us all from our current fate of having to shop at Wal-Mart. Let’s take a moment to reminisce and remember why Zellers was literally the best an should come back to Brampton.

1. They always greeted you with music and glitter

The arcade games at the front of the store were always the best, and always a nuisance to employees who had to listen to them going all day.


2. They had some seriously awesome perks, like free cookie sand milk

Why isn’t this a thing at every store?


3. On top of that, you were generously rewarded in the form of HBC points for shopping there

Free stuff!

4. It was the perfect place for galavanting with friends

Hide and seek between the racks, racing kids toys in the aisles, there was always fun to be had at Zellers.


5. And after all of that galavanting you could grab some cheap delicious eats at the diner

The vintage diner was literally the best.


6. There were always great deals to be had in the discount movie bin

$2 an $5 movies and CDs for all! Also known as, the best places for gifts hen you’re totally strapped for cash.


7. And you’d never miss out on a sale because they offered rain checks

These were a life saver!


8. Even though it was chaotic at times, it was nice to have a one stop shop for everything 

Chaos is putting it lightly, but it was nice to have an alternative to Wal Mart.


9. They had no interest in changing themselves to please others. Burnt out signs would go months and months without being fixed

It was all part of the Zellers charm anyway.


10. They had the coolest mascot ever

Who didn’t love Zeddy?


Did we miss any reasons why Zellers is basically the bomb? Let us know in the comments!