Summer is fast approaching and Brampton is supplying the heat. Summer 2016 was a massive year for Brampton’s music scene, but 2017 might be even bigger, as there are a number of anticipated releases this summer, too.

Here’s a list of records that will inevitably be hot in summer 2017:

Brahny x Savv – Leona

After dropping his melancholy release ‘blue.’, a project predicated on suicide and loneliness, Savv unexpectedly switches up the tone on this summery r&b record ‘Leona’ with Mississauga native Brahny. This chill joint features a melodically rapped verse from Savv interlaced with high-pitched vocals, offering a refreshing compliment to Brahny’s soulful crooning. This track is like a cold drink on a hot summer day.

Hero – The Juice

XO associate Hero is Brampton’s latest r&b sensation. His fusion of vintage r&b/pop-rock and modern trapsoul makes for a fascinating listening experience. According to a recent article published by Noisey, Hero cites David Bowie as an inspiration. You could hear the influence clearly on the song ‘The Juice’ which features distinct guitar patterns reminiscent of 80s new wave music.

Dav.I.D – Handle Your Business

Getting a bit more street, Dav.I.D blesses us with a bassy banger deserving of a lo-fi music video with a VHS aesthetic. This song screams ‘summer night with your homies’. Dav.I.D spits a braggadocios verse with a powerful and energetic vocal performance. The original song features Biggs and Pryde hopped on the official remix.

VILLA – I Had A Dream ft. Mayne Ishu

VILLA and Mayne Ishu team up for a banger that perfectly captures a dream-like state. The duo illustrate dreams with depth, layered on top of an ethereal beat in order to convey surrealism. It appears that visuals will be on the way soon for the track!

RAJAN – Atlantus (coming soon)

Making his big announcement at the Mod Club with Pryde, RAJAN will release a new EP entitled ‘Atlantus’. In addition to OMG and Cocaine Fantasy, RAJAN premiered ‘Cha Cha Cha’ and ‘Might Be’. The rapper is a triple threat: with rapping and singing under his belt, he also accompanies his songs with elaborate choreography (shout-out to Tanvir Mann for taking these songs to the next level). RAJAN’s latest releases have charted on Apple Music and Spotify, so needless to say, many fans are waiting patiently for the project to drop in June. The artwork is dope, too, illustrating the king that RAJAN – which literally translates to ‘king’ – has become.

JDSYN – Rebirth

JDSYN recently released his highly-anticipated debut project Rebirth. The 11-track album is a collection of r&b, pop, trapsoul, and ballads; JDSYN is nothing if not versatile. There is something for everyone on this project. Despite its name, the track ‘Insecure’, which features gorgeous guitar variations, is a feel-good pop tune that you might expect from the ilk of Michael Buble.

Derin Falana – Sunset Interlude & Think It Through

Derin dropped two tracks recently: ‘Sunset Interlude’ and ‘Think It Through’. The former sounds like a disco inspired pop record – something you might hear Daft Punk produce – and the latter a soulful, boom bap rap record. We’re really feeling this sound from Derin; considering it’s been a whole year since ‘Live From Rocky Mountain’, is it time that we get another project? You can keep up to date with Derin’s latest releases with his ‘These Days’ audio journal.

K. Forest – Low Low & On Deck

When Travis Scott bought ‘Guidance’ for his most recent album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, K. Forest was catapulted into a completely different stratosphere. Now K’s producer ‘dF’ is interning for Noah “40” Shebib, the mastermind behind Drake’s sound. K. Forest released ‘Low Low’ and ‘On Deck’ last month. Back-to-back singles might suggest a new project is on the way.

Staasia Daniels – Goatee

Staasia’s tranquil voice is at its apex in the song ‘Goatee’. This nocturnal track is passionate and sexy – something Staasia does perfectly. DJ XP combines today’s production with Staasia’s throwback r&b sound; it’s both refreshing and familiar. If you’re in the mood for love this summer, Staasia has you covered.

Pryde – Loverboy

Brampton legend Pryde dominates 2017 with his February release of Loverboy. The album shows a dynamic Pryde displaying musical maturity and comfort. Loverboy is a deep dive into a character grappling with fame, greed, distrust, hedonism, triumph, and victory. Musically, the album makes the case for Pryde as an undeniable melodic champion. He can go up against anyone bar for bar and note for note.