10 signs you went to Central Peel Secondary School

1. If everyone thinks you went to school ‘in the ghetto’

Seriously, I remember one year when we competed in DECA, all of the other schools thought we were ‘hood’ and ‘underprivileged’.  We tore them up in the competition regardless, but that’s none of my business *sips tea*.

2. Lunch consisted of 241 Pizza almost daily, Subway, Jamaican patties, Taco Bell, KFC, and if you felt like treating yourself, Sonny’s and Burrito Boyz

Central has access to the best food spots. I feel like Central students were on average fatter and more broke than other schools in Brampton. Also, S/O Centennial Mall for having the best poutine. Seriously though, was it any wonder why we were so late coming back from lunch?

3. If you or at least one of your friends got their G2, it was Burger King and McDonald’s for lunch on the regular

S/O to that one person who was clutch enough to ALWAYS bringing their whip to school. You the real MVP!

4. You’ve heard an infinite number of ‘theories’ about the unfinished clock tower

I heard everything from ‘it’s a postmodernist art piece depicting the innate potential of every student’, to a lightning bolt destroyed the clock, to the school just ran out of money halfway.

5. You also have heard many theories about why we don’t have a football team

Similarly, I heard that football was ‘too expensive’, we just really sucked at football so they canceled it, and someone got hit in the head really hard after a game so they never brought it back.

6. The Coffee Time across the street, you know the nickname

Seriously, you know the nickname… Coffee Time isn’t there anymore, but S/O to TinNel’s Patties for holding it down.

7. On Queen and Kennedy, the block was hot, meaning lockdowns happened at least once a year

Seriously, man. I’ve seen SWAT teams way too often in my lifetime.

8. If you graduated before uniforms and you feel blessed

Lowkey I’m quite proud of the school for being the first public school in Peel to adopt a uniform. But I’m glad it didn’t happen during my time at Central…

9. You and your friends were HYPE AF during talent shows

Talent shows at Central were legendary. Not only did everyone look forward to it (mostly because you had to the opportunity to miss last period and go home early), but there was a lot of REALLY great talent. Also, promposals during the talent show became a thing (S/O Jesse Flynn for being the OG)

10. “Goooooooooooooooood morning, Central Peel, and here are your morning announcements” became the most irritating sh*t on the planet

On the real though, much love to the Student Activity Council for making high school a great time, especially during Bill 115, where even though teacher’s weren’t able to put on any extra curriculars, SAC still did in complete defiance. That’s badass.

You can’t be Brampton’s oldest high school without some pretty unique memories. What did we miss? What’s your favourite memory at Central?