So you’ve got a date coming up, or you and your S/O want to get out of your apartment, but you’ve got one major problem: you’re broke! Not to worry, the city has lots of date-worthy things you can do on the cheap. Here’s a list of cheap date night ideas in Brampton.

1. Arts & culture adventure

Is your date the artistic type? Enjoy one of Peel Art Gallery’s many exhibits throughout the summer. While you’re there, ask for a tour of the building too, because the gallery is attached to Brampton’s old courthouse which has a pretty interesting history. PAMA also has two peaceful outdoor courtyards with benches if you’d like some alone time. Admission is very affordable, and they even have free entry days sometimes.

2. Movies under the stars

Cuddle up and watch a movie on the giant LED screen downtown every Saturday this summer in Garden Square. You can even catch two movies if you want because there’s one screening at 7 p.m. and one at 9 p.m. If you’re looking for a great date on a budget, this one’s free, though you’ll probably want to bring a few bucks for Jamie’s Kettle Corn because it’s pretty delicious.

3. Dinner on the lake

Step 1: Pack a picnic basket of delicious finger foods. Step 2: Rent a canoe or paddle boat at Professor’s lake. Step 3: Paddle out and enjoy a romantic meal on the water. It’s only a few bucks to rent a canoe, and if you’re a wizard in the kitchen you can probably whip something up at home, but if not, takeout is also an option.

4. Ice cream & live music

This date idea will only cost you a few bucks. Downtown Brampton has free live music every Thursday and Friday during summer months. Treat your date to some ice cream from Ice Cream Cafe or Little Shop of Ice Cream and enjoy some live music in Garden Square or Gage Park.

5. Horseback riding at Claireville

The Claireville Conservation Area is the perfect place to escape for a quiet, tranquil date without having to leave Brampton. Walk the trails and check out the wildlife, or better yet, take your date on a romantic horseback ride. You can do that at Claireville Ranch, which is located at Queen Street East and McVean Drive in East Brampton.

6. Explore the city’s ethnic food scene

Brampton is known for its diverse ethnic food scene, and if your date is a foodie they’ll appreciate it. The food is delicious and oftentimes the prices are unbelievably affordable so pick a spot, or two, and enjoy some delicious food.

7. Coffee or tea tasting

The tried and true coffee shop date is always a good option but you can level it up a bit by doing a coffee or tea tasting at one of the city’s independent cafes like T By Daniel (for tea, obvs) or Segovia Coffee (for the coffee tasting). Both have spectacular products and great service. Call ahead and ask if they can give you a special tasting for you and your date.

Did we miss any cheap date night ideas in Brampton? Let us know in the comments.