10 Throwbacks From Your Childhood in Brampton

Remember the days of dial-up internet and no cell phones? When kids actually went outside and borrowed books from the library? This one’s for all of you 80s and 90s folks who spent your early days kicking it in the 905. Here’s 10 things that will definitely take you back to your childhood growing up in Brampton.

1. Tobogganing at Major Oaks and Chinguacousy

Every winter you busted out the GT snow racer and made it your mission to build the biggest — probably not parent approved — ramps you could dangerously launch yourself off of.

2. Learning to ski on Ching Hill

Your first foray in this traditionally Canadian winter pastime was likely on Chinguacousy Hill which ultimately paid off. You looked like a total pro when you finally made it to the bigger hills at Hockley Valley and Blue Mountain.

3. Going to the Mandarin for every special occasion

And you probably still do! Every birthday, grad, parents’ anniversary was spent at the Mandarin eating as much sweet and sour pork, chicken balls and pizza as you could.

4. Hanging out at Wizard’s Castle after school

Remember the epic Dance Dance Revolution marathons that were had at Wizard’s Castle inside BCC?

5. Actually going to the library

Back before Kindle and iBooks  you’d head on down to the Four Corners library to borrow the latest R.L Stein or Babysitters Club novel.

6. Having the Stay Alert Stay Safe tune stuck in your head

Bert & Gert, the rabbits from Stay Alert Stay Safe made their appearance during your after school TV binge to remind you of stranger danger.

7. Spending summers at Canada’s Wonderland when it was still owned by Paramount

You begged your parents for a season’s pass every year so you could go with your friends and you remember when Time Warp was called Tomb Raider and Flight Deck was called Topgun.

8. Renting video games and VHS tapes from the allegedly haunted Blockbuster on Dixie

It was beside a cemetery so it had to be haunted right?

9. Going to Old Britannia Schoolhouse and Peel Safety Village on field trips

You learned how to safely ride a bike, and you’ll never forget the terrifying site of the mangled bike that was in an accident. You pretty much always made sure to wear your helmet after that.

10. The Brampton Battalion

You wouldn’t know it from their 2012 exit from Brampton, but in 1998 when the Battalion first became Brampton’s junior hockey team they were all the rage.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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