It’s going to be hot in Brampton this weekend and through next week, and though most Bramptonians are glad after our cold, gloomy spring, we also have to be careful not to overdo it. Heat can be dangerous, guys, and that’s no joke. So here are some tips to keep you safe and cool when the humidex starts to sizzle.

1 – Don’t sit in–or leave kids and pets in–a hot car

We all know this, but yet it keeps happening. While we should not do it in any weather, really, it’s especially important when the sun’s out. A parked car’s temperature can rise 11°C in just 10 minutes, so a 35° day quickly becomes 45° in your car, and if left long enough will go even higher. If possible, let your car cool off before you drive it.

2 – Protect yourself from the sun

Use sunscreen. No, really. Use it even if you think you don’t need it. It even comes in a nice, easy spray now so there are no excuses.

You must also remember to protect your eyes from UV damage. Wear a hat and sunglasses and you’re covered. We are all at risk, but light-coloured eyes are more prone to damage.

Don’t get sunburned. Seems like a no-brainer, but what you may not know is that sunburn damages your skin and makes it harder for cooling system to work, so it’s more important to avoid it than you may have realized.

3 – Have cool drinks and treats

Thank goodness Bramptonist has you covered: get yourself ice cream, or a froyo, or get an icy smoothie.

4 – Dress accordingly

This isn’t the time to pile posh sweaters on your little black dress or wear your black track pants. You want to go for lightweight, light-coloured clothing. Wearing too much clothing, or really tight clothes or even dark clothing can hold in the heat and make it harder for your body to cool itself.

5 –Don’t have A/C? Go out!

During the hottest parts of the day find a cool spot if your home isn’t air-conditioned. Go to the mall. Go to the movies. Go to a restaurant or coffee shop. Go to the library. You have tons of options here in Brampton to stay out of the heat.

6 – Keep hydrated

This is another that seems like it should go without saying, but people are constantly getting dehydrated. Also, while many of us enjoy an adult beverage, don’t forget that it will inhibit your body’s ability to regulate its temperature, so limit alcohol when you’re in a very hot situation.

7 – Go swimming

Brampton has tons of great pools and you can look at locations and schedules here. Don’t forget the city’s splash pads, too.

8 – See a show at the Rose Theatre

The Rose is a lovely place to spend some time if there’s a show that strikes your fancy. Check out the schedule for the Rose Theatre (as well as other Brampton public venues) here.

9 – Don’t use your oven or stove if you can help it

It’s a great time for salads, sandwiches, wraps, cold cuts, and other no-cook meals.

10 – Go to a city council meeting

You can stay informed and stay cool at the same time. Which isn’t to say that a council meeting won’t make you hot under the collar. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether you can take the heat in chambers. But hey, might as well enjoy some of the air-conditioning your tax dollars pay for!

What are your favourite ways to stay cool when temperatures soar?