The debate surrounding Brampton’s proposed Hurontario-Main LRT project has brought with it a wealth of opportunity to learn all sorts of valuable life lessons. We decided we’d take a moment to reflect on the little nuggets of knowledge we’ve picked up along the way.

1) You don’t just say yes to fully funded projects. So basic.


2) Care less about what you have and more about what everyone around you is getting.

How many sprinkles is Mississauga getting, we demand to know!9fc99a4fe1118432534fe4b357350510cf575add61ba52bc38d8fc0df8edaa0a

3) Heritage is a touchy subject

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4) Ask and you shall get. Or so they say.


Wait for it, wait for it…


5) When the government tries to give you back your already paid tax dollars, be wary, be very very wary.


6) And while you’re at it, never trust facts from people smarter than you

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6) You can easily disarm anyone in an intellectual debate by making absolutely no sense


7) Sometimes it’s good to take a gamble, sometimes

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8) Some people just don’t understand the woes of taking public transit


9) Resist change, it will only ruin your life.

It’s become clear that Brampton needs to stay the exact same, like, forever. What worked for past generations will most certainly work for this one. Who needs higher order transit when Brampton is slated to have close to a million people by 2041? We should count ourselves lucky we no longer rely on horse and buggy or Dial-A-Bus.


10) Money can’t buy happiness

But it can buy excessively unnecessary $380M tunnels funded by taxpayers. We like to make it rain up in Brampton, apparently.

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11) Free is so last year

Free cupcake? Don’t want it. Free pony? Don’t want it either. Fully funded public transit to make your city better? DEFINITELY don’t want it!


12) People get confused when young people start caring about civic issues.

Reactions generally range from…





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We’ll continue to report on our findings during the next six weeks as Brampton gears up for a second council vote to decide on the future of the project. In the meantime, enjoy this one hour compilation of everyone’s favourite hold music. We’ll have it on repeat as we await Brampton city council’s decision in the coming weeks.