12 times Michael Scott Was All of us on the 410 in the Morning

The 410, basically everyone’s worst nightmare in the morning.

1. When you’re taking your new ride out for the first time

Admit it, you feel fancy.giphy (5)via GIPHY

2. When there’s major construction and nobody told you

You thought you were getting places on time today.anigif_original-grid-image-17906-1446608845-4

3. When you get on at Sandalwood and the coast is clear only to find a complete s**t show once you hit Steeles

You thought you were out of the woods.giphy (6)via GIPHY

4. When ‘that guy’ decides it’s a good idea to go 80 in the fast lane

Yeah, we all know ‘that guy’.giphy (7)via GIPHY

5. When you’re boxed in by two semis with nowhere to go and no hope of ever passing them7VHV66bRjGRSo

6. When the person who’s been tailgating you for 10 minutes finally decides to pass

Cue major side eye.giphy (8)via GIPHY

7. When traffic is so slow you, have nothing better to do than plot the demise of the person who just cut you offgHpAaqe

7. When your lane is finally moving and you’re trying to hold off anyone who has bright ideas of merging in front of you

giphy (9)via GIPHY

8. When your jam comes on and you don’t even care who’s watching, you just rock it out

giphy (1)via GIPHY

9. When the person jamming out beside you needs a friendly reminder of their placegiphy (10)

10. When ‘that guy’ speeds up the empty lane only to realize he has to merge for road work

Like, b***h you think we’re all sitting in this slow lane for fun?giphy (3)via GIPHY

11. When it’s back to school and your summer of cruising down an almost empty highway is over

And we’re back to the regularly scheduled s**t showgiphy (4)via GIPHY

12. When things finally start moving at a reasonable pace

And you’ll only be 30 minutes late for work instead of 45.5xtDarmwsuR9sDRObyU

12. When you realize the reason for the slow down was absolutely nothing

Not a fender bender, not construction, nothing. Absolutely nothing.giphy (11)