14 signs you went to North Park Secondary School

  1. You know what a cafetorium is

  2. You knew the exact amount of minutes it would take to get to Little Caesars for crazy bread during lunch and back to school on time

  3. If the hill, the bump and the pit mean something to you

  4. You dreaded getting caf duty

  5. If David Bowie’s Under Pressure still reminds you of trying to get to class before the hurry up music ended

  6. You knew that being told by Mr. Ball the Law teacher that you’d probably end up flipping his burgers and washing his car was basically a rite of passage

  7. If your sole mission in high school was to get a spare so you could leave early or have both 3rd and 4th lunch

  8. You or at least one of your friends went to Paraguay South America

  9. You participated in at least one game of hackie sack in the courtyard throughout your high school career

  10. Panzerotti day in the caf was always the best day

  11. Sub day was always the worst because they didn’t serve anything else

  12. You dreaded the lineups at Pizzaville and Nanny’s Kitchen

  13. You knew that the Hasty Market never carded for cigs — and you knew this whether you smoked or not

  14. You spent at least one lunch hour hanging at Good Times

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