1. A historic amount of engagement happened

The July 8th council meeting to decide on the Hurontario-Main LRT brought out the most amount of people to a council meeting in Brampton’s history. So much so, the wasn’t even room in the council chamber for everyone. When the decision was delayed to October 27, they made the decision to hold it at the Rose Theatre to allow more people to attend. Even more people delegated to city council — most in favour of the LRT — and even more Bramptonians showed up to witness the decision.11033876_10153417714108959_6594085029444824634_n

2. Brampton got a shout out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Local dance company Jade’s Hip-hop Academy was featured on the Ellen Show dancing to WTF by Missy Elliot alongside famous dancer Twitch. They were introduced as being from Brampton, Canada and not Toronto, Canada — which is usually the case. Jade’s Hip Hop Academy even received a shout out from Queen Missy herself giving her blessing on their fabulous performance that has since gone viral.

3. The recreational scene got a lot better

in 2015 a whole bunch of stuff started opening up that gave us a ton more to do including Stryke Target Range, a place to throw axes, knives and shoot arrows like Katniss Everdeen. We got our first board game cafe, so you can forget about trekking all the way to Toronto for Snakes & Lattes and Battle Archery tag also opened up. Hopefully 2016 is just as good!

4. We got better GO service

It’s not the Two Way All Day GO service we’ve been hoping for, but it was a step in the right direction. Trains now operate throughout the day instead of just during morning and evening rush hour. Weekend train service to and from Union Station is also on the way.Go_train_at_Rouge_Hill

5. Brampton’s rap and hip-hop scene was booming

Brampton has an underground hip-hop and rap scene that’s growing. This year gave rise to artists like Anderson and Tobi Aji. Rapper Derin Falana released his first mixtape in early 2015, 905 which made a splash. The mixtape is a tribute to his Brampton roots and paved the way for his stellar self-titled EP.600x600bb

6. Walk Off The Earth rocked out with us on Canada Day

Burlington-based rockers and YouTube sensations Walk Off The Earth celebrated Canada’s birthday with us by putting on a stellar performance of their best songs. It all began with Hedley in 2013.  Since then Brampton’s Arts and Culture department has brought on big talent for Canada Day celebrations, with Simple Plan and Andi performing last year. We’re excited to see who they’ll have in 2016!DSC_8409

7.Brampton’s arts scene did a bunch of cool and innovative stuff

Brampton had it’s first Art Battle — a competition held across Canada. It was a real signifier of the emerging arts scene and of cool and interesting things coming to the city. Brampton artists were also the driving force behind Free Art Friday across Brampton and Mississauga. The concept — a worldwide movement — put a spotlight on dozens of talented local artists who ended up participating. It also gave Bramptonians the opportunity to experience that talent.

Free Art Friday

8. The food scene got a lot better

2015 was a great year for food in Brampton. Rick Matharu, winner of Food Network’s Recipe To Riches and Brampton native started his gourmet samosa popup shop. He blew us all away with innovative flavours like tandoori jerk chicken, punjabi cheeseburger and ras malai cheesecake. Jason Rosso another Food Network chef opened up an urban eatery here in Brampton called J. Red & Co. The menu features items like chicken and waffles, authentic Neapolitan pizzas and other delectable, innovative dishes. Brampton’s food scene is definitely headed in the right direction!

Pizza J Red & Co

9. We got loads of attention from Justin Trudeau

Along the campaign trail Trudeau showered Brampton with his attention and visited on numerous occasions over the summer and leading up to the October 19 vote. He stopped by Chinguacousy Park to greet people on Canada Day, had some sweets from Dixie Sweets in Brampton North on one occasion and held his biggest GTA rally at the Powerade Centre on Kennedy Road in early October. Clearly the attention paid off with the Liberals taking all five of Brampton’s ridings.justin-trudeau-2

10. People started caring what City Council did

2015 was the year of outcry from the people. It started building up in 2014 when former mayor Susan Fennell was voted out on a giant cloud of controversy and suspicion. Bramptonians were clearly fed up and that showed in 2015. People were more engaged, they were on top of the activities at city hall and they were more than willing to voice their distaste for some the decisions being made. Hopefully this means more transparency and more accountability from city councillors in 2016. 480869441

11. One of Brampton’s own made a huge splash in the music industry

2015 was the year of Alessia Cara. Her debut single ‘Here’ topped charts and paved the way for her first EP, These Four Pink Walls  and her debut album Know It all. Cara made a huge splash with her knockout vocals and appeal to the secret introvert in everyone. She even received praise and admiration from huge artists like Drake and princess of pop Taylor Swift. Swift gave Alessia Cara some major love in an interview and on Twitter for all of her millions of followers to see.TRUAX_ALESSIA_PORTRAITS-80

12. Bramalea City Centre stepped up its game

After a few years of solid renos, BCC has actually become a great place to shop. With additions like Aritzia, Hot Topic and a legitimate MAC Cosmetics store, it’s starting to contend pretty well with nearby malls.278_1lb_morguard_02

13. Young entrepreneurs kicked ass

Some of the most successful businesses in the city were actually run by 20-something Millenials — T By Daniel being one of them! Some other emerging brands and companies run by young people also popped up, including Phil Anth Co, a clothing company run by 17 year old Bramptonian Youssef Eid. The company donates a portion of it’s proceeds to helping those in need in the community. Others include Blend Fresh, a company that delivers to you and Elle Mair Co, a hand-crafted clothing company.Platos-Closet_0047

14. We got a giant screen

Some people were skeptical about the screen and it’s million dollar price tag but no one could dispute the awesomeness of free movies every weekend in the square! The screen has become a great congregation point for hosting events and bringing people downtown.GardenSquareScreen

15. Women totally kicked ass in politics

Election 42 brought out the most amount of women to ever run in a federal election in Brampton. The previous election only had two women on the ballot, this election brought out 9. For the first time ever, one Brampton riding even had all female candidates. 3 out of 5 of Brampton’s electoral districts now have female MPs. #BecauseIts2015.

Did we miss any awesome stuff that went down in the city this past year? Let us know!