15 Struggles Every Bramptonian Knows All Too Well

There’s no doubt that being a Bramptonian brings with it some real life struggles. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. When someone else gets the last item you were hoping to price match

This happens far too often, and it has devastating effects. Who has time to drive to five different Wal Marts to price match butter?


2. Having to pretend you’re from Toronto

No way will you admit to your hip Toronto co-workers that you have to commute everyday, so you just keep up the charade that you live in Liberty Village or the Beaches. Until one day your perfectly constructed web of lies unravels at the snap of a finger. #ThanksMom


3. When you realize your car insurance is going up…again

Why must you be punished because of a few reckless people? Okay, a lot of reckless people, but you aren’t one of them!


4. When Mackay runs out of stuffed patties

No, just no. There shouldn’t ever be a world without Mackay stuffed patties.


5. Having to trek to Toronto to see your friends at a bar

Your friends won’t come to you, so you’ve got to schlep it all the way to T.O. on a GO train, GO bus, subway, streetcar, or worse yet: take your car on the dreaded Gardiner.


6. Having to beg those same friends to visit you

OK, so they have good reasons, but it’s still so unfair. All of your Toronto, and Mississauga friends act as if they have to travel through a desert wasteland just to see you. The mere suggestion of them coming to see you is enough to incite sudden bursts of laughter.


7. Going to The Firkin over Christmas Break

The Firkin is the gathering place for everyone from high school you didn’t bother to keep in touch with. Cue exit in 3, 2, 1….


8. Having to decide where to get Indian food

There’s probably about ten places within a 2km radius from your house where you can get some good Butter Chicken or Tikka; how can a person be expected to choose in those conditions?! It’s horrendous.


9. Trying to get a table on a Saturday at the Mandarin without a reservation

No reservation? Beat it! No chance you’ll get a table at Brampton’s go to–birthday, graduation, anniversary, new job and just because you want to eat a ton–restaurant, without a weekend reservation.

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10. Having to take the 410 in the morning

Need to get to work? Congested AF. Taking a Sunday drive? Open road for miles.


11. The 289 area code

It came from completely out of left field. I mean, we all thought there would be enough 905 for everyone until the end of time.  But now we all live in fear of ever losing our numbers and being banished to the empty abyss that is the 289 club. The fear is real!


12. Traversing the Oceans parking lot on a Saturday

You know it’s going to be beyond ridiculous, but you go there anyway, and you regret every minute of it. Somebody needs to conduct some serious psych analysis to figure out why we continue to subject ourselves to the madness.


13. Having to go to Brampton Civic

When you’re headed to Civic for any sort of medical emergency or surgery, you pray to the gods that you come out with all of your limbs still attached in the right places.


14. The lack of good bars

If you live anywhere North of Queen and East of Airport, bar and pub options go from slim to non-existent really quick. This generally means you end up sitting at home in your pyjamas drinking wine, alone.

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15. Trying to explain just how good the Lion Chai is

T By Daniel’s Lion Chai is so out of this world, how does one even begin to explain its amazingness? It’s like trying to explain why the sun shines every day. #Magical

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Did we miss any life challenges Bramptonians face? Let us know in the comments!