15 Things To Do This Winter In Brampton

Whether you’re basically Elsa and love winter with every fibre of your being or you’re a hermit and hate the wintery season, there’s plenty to do in Brampton. Here’s a list of a few things, including a little something for you indoorsy folk.

1. Go skating at Gage and Chinguacousy Park

Rent or bring your own pair of skates and spend some time skating around the beautiful scenery these places have to offer. Both skate trails have snack bars if you fancy a warm cup of hot chocolate after your skate.

2. Check out the beautiful lights in the city

Just like every year, Chinguacousy and Gage Park have their amazing light displays up. Take a walk, or skate through, and enjoy. It’s a great spot for snapping Instagram pics. There’s also plenty of lights displays by regular residents worth taking a casual drive around the city for.

3. Go Geocaching

Join the world’s largest treasure hunt. Geocaching is the recreational activity of hunting for and finding hidden objects through GPS coordinates posted online. There are millions of geocaches all over the world, including in Brampton. If you’re willing to brave the cold, it can be quite the adventure. Sign up here.

4. Go sledding  

Who says sledding is just for kids? There are a few great places to sled in the city but one of the best by far is Major Oaks hill, just off the 410 at Williams Parkway. When there’s snow you can always expect this hill to be filled with good times and excited people.

5. Learn to ski and snowboard

You can learn how to ski and snowboard on the city’s one and only bunny hill. It’s not crazy big, so it makes a great place to learn before you take on bigger hills at Blue Mountain, Horse Shoe Valley and other area ski resorts.

6. Go tubing

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Chinguacousy has offered tubing for as long as all of us can remember. It’s great fun that can be enjoyed by any age group. To find out opening times and other information click here.

7. Take a winter hike

The city has tons of winter trails to enjoy a scenic hike. Some of the best places include Heartlake Conservation Area, Clairville Conservation Area and El Dorado Park.

8. Get artsy at PAMA

Peel Art Gallery has just opened back up after some construction and they have plenty of things to offer. Take a stroll through their art gallery, archives and the old jailhouse. More details here.

9. Throw some axes

Stryke Target Range is one of the coolest places in Brampton, and it’s great for any season. They offer axe throwing, knife throwing and archery. It’s great for a group or for an individual. They offer special packages for multiple people and they also have a weekly league that anyone is welcome to join. Check them out here.

10. Visit an escape room

Really escape the cold this winter by locking you and your friends in a room for an hour! Escape Games are all the range and luckily, Brampton has two of them. Perplexity Escape Games  and Key Quest Escape Room will keep you on your toes this winter!

11. Make your own wine

There’s nothing like a great glass of wine by the fire in the winter. There’s a few places in Brampton where you can make your own, including Vinbon Brampton, Exclusive Wines and Corks Winery.

12. Get tipsy and paint

The paint and drink trend is still going strong and Brampton has a few to choose from including Visual Arts BramptonPaint Nite Peel and Paint & Cocktails.

13. Learn how to actually paint

In contrast to the paint and drink phenomenon, Beaux Arts actually provides some legit classes for those looking to learn. They have plenty to offer in winter 2017 including acrylics and mixed media, watercolours and drawing. See the full list here. You can also get in on the action at Visual Arts Brampton. Check out their site here.

14. Go to battle like Katniss Everdeen

If you love archery and dodge ball then look no further than Battle Archery. You and your friends can have the ultimate showdown Katniss style with bows and arrows. Fake ones with padding on the end of course, no one will lose an eye.

15. Get your high tea on in style

Enjoy winter in style with high tea at Macaronz. Sip delicious tea (with your pinky out, naturally) and nibble amazing cookies and pastries in an elegant setting in downtown Brampton. You have to make reservations though, so visit the Macaronz site here to learn more.