16 Dishes You Absolutely Need to Try in Brampton This Winter

Those long cold winter months can take their toll on many a sane person. But one of the best way to beat those seasonal blues is with delicious food. Here’s a list of delicious dishes worth checking out this winter.

1. Sunday Roast at J. Red & Co

Marinated for 48 hours and roasted for 6, J. Red’s roast is just about the perfect thing for an overcast winter Sunday. Just look at that gravy.


2. Beef Dip at Carve On Lot 5

A delicious roast beef sandwich on a fresh baguette ready for the dipping in warm beef jus is basically what everyone needs in their life during these long winter months. You won’t regret treating yourself to this.


3. Tandoori Lobster at Firangi

Lobster can be a little bit harder to come by in the winter months, but it’s absolutely worth the quest if Firangi’s Tandoori Lobster marinated in Chettinad Masalais is at the end.

Tandoori Lobster from @firangibrampton anyone? #brampton #food #lobster #goodeats #restaurant #spicyfood

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4. Warm pita with Humus at Paramount Fine Foods

Anything freshly baked, warm and doughy is always comforting during the cold months and Paramount has that covered with their warm pita bread. Throw in some of their freshly made humus and you’re in for a treat.

Hmm, what to eat first? 😏 #decisionsdecisions 📷: @rosaalyn #ParamountFreshness #EidMubarak

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5. Oxtail at Portland Jerk

Portland Jerk serves up an insanely good oxtail that will just melt in your mouth. They’ll provide a generous helping of oxtail gravy, and who doesn’t love gravy in the winter?

move out me wai buyyyy me ungry #oxtail

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6. Dim Sum at Kingsley

Kingsley Chinese Restaurant is just about the only place that serves up dim sum. Luckily, it’s pretty good. Steamed buns and warm dumplings will help beat those winter blues.

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7. Fish & Chips at Heritage Fish & Chips

Heritage has been a fixture in Brampton for as long as any of us can remember, and for good reason. Picture a crisp, golden batter enveloping delicate flaky fish served with a heaping of deep-fried spuds and suddenly winter doesn’t sound so bad.


8. Pho at Saigon House

Few things in life are a better than a good bowl of pho on a cold winter day and in addition to Saigon House, Brampton has a ton more great pho spots to get your pho bo fix this winter.


9. Pizza cones at Nom Nom’s

Nom Nom’s has made just about everyone’s favourite food a little easier to devour by putting it into a delicious thin crust cone. The hot, gooey cheese and toppings waiting on the inside of the cone to be eaten is a dream.

Pizza cone from @nomnomsyogurtbar. Basically the best thing ever!

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10. Seafood Chowder at J. Red & Co

A good seafood chowder is hard to find around these parts, and J. Red’s Chef Cal, who happens to be an east coaster knows how to do it right. You’re in for a delightfully authentic treat. And what’s better than a creamy bowl of goodness topped while the snow slowly falls outside?


11. Perogies from Queen Gypsy Pub

You won’t be able to go back to the run of the mill frozen stuff once you’ve had a helping of these bad boys. Magically delicious is putting it lightly. The Gypsy makes their perogies in-house — from the dough to the filling. These bad boys come topped with crispy sautéed bacon and onions.


12. Veal Sandwich from That Italian Place

There’s something about winter that makes us crave heapings of meat. This craving can be remedied in no time with a delicious veal sandwich from That Italian Place. You can count on generous helpings of veal in this case.


13. Curry Shrimp at Radica’s Hot & Spicy

Basically any curry from Radica’s is satisfying. Pair that with their fresh Paratha Roti and you’re in business. It’ll be a satisfying meal, no doubt.

Curry shrimp up for grabs! Who's hungry.? #radicas

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14. Manchurian Soup at Singapore Garden

This is a sure-fire way to clear out those sinuses this winter. This Manchurian soup is made to suit the tastes of those who enjoy a lot of spice. It has major kick and that’s why it’s simply the best.


15. Butter Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese at Ricks Good Eats

Everyone’s favourite childhood comfort food classic just got turnt up. Rick’s Good Eat offers up a nice twist by throwing his signature butter chicken sauce into the mix. It’s the same sauce that won him Recipe To Riches on The Food Network.


16. Affogato at Nom Nom’s

If dessert is your scene — because let’s be honest, frozen yogurt is delicious any time of year — then why not enjoy yours with froyo topped with a warm shot of espresso? Life complete.

Affogato from @nomnomsyogurtbar delicious frozen yogurt topped with a shot of hot espresso

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Did we miss any delicious dishes that will make winter a little more bearable? Let us know in the comments.