Brampton YouTubers Featured on Drake’s Latest Album

Drake released his highly anticipated new album More Life on Saturday. The 22 track project has features from a bunch of names — Atlanta trap lords Quavo and 2 Chains to UK grime heavyweights Skepta and Giggs.

But one feature stood out in particular; Brampton’s own 4YallEntertainment made a short cameo in the outro of the track Madiba Riddim. Drake sampled a snippet from their very popular video ‘T-DOT GOON SCRAP DVD!’

‘You put food on the table for me, aye?

Alright, fam, soft. I see you, aye?

You pay my bills, right?

It’s light

You’re a wasteman’

The video lampoons the stereotype of Toronto ‘goons’ getting into fights in unconventional locations. Catch the part featured on Drake’s album at 3:00.

This isn’t the first time Drake has shown love to Brampton. He referenced romantic relationships in Flower City in a past mixtape and he’s shared 4Yall’s skits on Twitter before.

4Yall shared the story of how they first met the Six King, check it out below.