As the sun brightens and the weather gets nicer by the day, people may consider taking advantage of the season to work more exercise into their daily routine. Take me for instance – I started running this summer and took part in my very first 10K. It’s no surprise that a fair bit of running went into readying myself for this new challenge, and that’s how I got started with jogging.

The beginning was rough. For as long as I’ve had feet, I’ve never been able to run. And by that I mean I could hardly run for a minute straight without either cramping out my sides or choking for air. 

But what made jogging more pleasurable than ever before, were the cool routes we’d take during our runs. Most of our runs lead us to small trails that took us into and through forests. A lot of scenery is hardly given a second glance while running, but just running along a thick expanse of trees and being surrounded by nature is a nice change of pace from loud cars or rows on end of suburban houses. This is why I have come up with this list for all running enthusiasts, and even those out for a simple walk, of 5 great jogging trails right here in Brampton. 

Etobicoke Creek Trail

Length: 14.5km
Trail map

If you’re planning a long run, look no further. This meandering trail stretches 14.5 km, so you’ll have quite a bit of trail ahead of you before reaching the end. It spans from south of Steeles Avenue all the way up to Loafer’s Lake, north of Sandalwood Pkwy. Etobicoke Creek Trail is an ideal example of a trail that allows you to enjoy and bask in the sights and sounds of nature’s wonders. 

For running purposes, you might park at Loafer’s Lake Recreation Centre and then run south on the trail to where you want to turn around, then head back up to Loafer’s Lake. You can do the same on the South end of the city by parking at Brampton Mall off Nanwood Drive. 

Don Doan Trail

Length: 11km
Trail map

If running through a forest freaks you out, then how about next to a lake? Formerly known as the Professor’s Lake Trail, this path follows a linear park system that stretches from James F. McCurry Victoria Park Arena on Avondale Drive all the way to (yup, you guessed it) Professor’s Lake on North Park Drive. If you want to go straight from cardio to lifting, Chinguacousy Wellness Centre is just north of the lake. 

Chinguacousy Park Trail

Length: 9km
Trail map

A trail that needs no introduction. Anyone that lives or has lived on these lands, is familiar with this iconic park. Mostly a linear path, this trail is over 9 km long from James F. McCurry Victoria Park Arena to Dixie-Sandalwood Park to the north. 

Esker Lake Recreation Trail

Length: 8km
Trail map

This is another trail with a lake at its centre, but unlike Professor’s Lake, Esker Lake is relatively small. It’s totally picturesque though, which makes the run more satisfying. If you want to see the entire trail in one jog, then you can stick the course on this one and go at it at your own pace since the trail is only 8 km in length. 

Bovaird Drive Trail

Length: 18.6km
Trail map

Let’s say you ran all these courses and now you want to return to civilization; to the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life. Well if you missed the sound of whizzing cars, then you can run with or against the traffic on the main-est of main roads, Bovaird Drive. This trail extends out for 18 good, long kilometres but don’t worry, there are plenty of accessible restrooms along the way. Start at Worthington Avenue on the West end of the city and turn around halfway or run all the way to the end of the trail at McVean Road in Castlemore.

Want to see things in context? See a full trail map right here. Take your pick and don’t forget to keep hydrated, dress light and wear some sunscreen.