There’s nothing that pumps up sports fans more than watching the game on a big TV screen. And lots of people want to watch the action at a place where they can eat, drink and have fun with everyone else cheering on the home team. So get out of the house and enjoy: here are five of the best places to watch sports in Brampton.

1. Wendel Clark’s Classic Bar & Grill

36 Main Street North

This classic grill and sports lounge has multiple big screen TV screens that play sports all the time. There’s also a variety of meals to choose from such as AAA Canadian steak, gourmet poutine, burgers, ribs, pasta, nachos and breaded roaster wings. With its warm and comfy atmosphere, it’s definitely a great place to get closer to the action.

2. J Red & Co. Food + Drink

341 Main Street North

J. Red is a premier urban eatery that offers handcrafted foods such as pizza, burgers, fries, pasta and a wide variety of delicious desserts. It also hosts live entertainment and sports events in the evenings, which makes for a very nice, relaxing atmosphere for a fun night out.

3. Onyxx Sports Bar

70 Maritime Ontario Boulevard

Onyxx Sports Bar hosts big live sports events and as well as karaoke in a unique and spacious atmosphere. It offers entrées such as chicken and waffles and New York steak, poutines, salads, & sandwiches.

4. Tracks Brew Pub

60 Queen Street East

Located within downtown Brampton, this pub serves its own house-brewed beer along with a wide selection of burgers, poutines, soup, seafood and salads. Along with live sports events, it also hosts trivia challenges every Wednesday and karaoke every Friday.

5. Keenan’s Irish Pub

550 Queen Street West, Unit 9

A pub that has multiple TV screens showing sports games all around the bar, Kennan’s also serves a wide range of foods and entrees such as their very own BBQ ribs and wings. It also hosts karaoke nights every Tuesday and Friday, as well as live music every Thursday and Saturday.