The Best Places to Get a Good Pie in Brampton

Pie day is here once again — or should we say Pi day? March 14 marks the titular day to appreciate all that is to love about the mathematical constant. But when you’re taking a break from solving equations why not sit back and enjoy a delicious slice of pie for Pi day. Here’s a list of places you can do just that.

The Pie Guyz

If savoury’s your way to go, the Pie Guyz has got you covered. They specialize in meat and vegetable pies with a South African/Indian twist. They offer the British meat pie classics such as chicken pot pie and steak and kidney pies but don’t think that’s all — give their top selling butter chicken pie a try, it won’t disappoint. Pies can be ordered fresh for takeout or frozen to be baked at home.

2120 N Park Dr, Unit 12

The Crown and Lion English Pub

Is a crumble a pie? Why not. This quaint pub on Steeles boasts English fair including with fish and chips, steak and Guinness pie and a classic shepherd’s pie. But neither of those pies are what we’re focusing on, it’s the homemade apple crumble that really steals the show. Made with care from their dessert chef, you can add ice cream for the instant comfort food satisfaction.

7985 Financial Dr.

The Apple Factory

The many mouthwatering pies from the Apple Factory will satisfy that sweet tooth immediately. From the classics like apple pie and strawberry rhubarb to no sugar pies for any sugar acuteness to seasonal favourites like cranberry apple pie and key lime pies, have been taste tested by staff to ensure happy eating. Why not give that farm fresh taste and try each flavour?

10024 Mississauga Rd

Miller’s Scotish Bakery

Just a six minute drive down the road from The Apple Factory is Miller’s. They serve up a pretty mean savoury pie including Scotish meat pies, kidney pies, and more. If you’re looking to whip up your own traditional English and Scotish pies, this is the place to go. They sell a bunch of imported ingredients and meats meats, including haggis, Belfast ham, Whitshire bacon and more.

330 Guelph St (Georgetown)

Venezia Pizza

How can we forget one of the best comfort foods that also happens to be a pie — a pizza pie. And what better place than one of the best in the city? Picture a hin crust with any number of with your favourite toppings piping hot and straight from the oven. Sounds good doesn’t it? Pair off your pizza pies with a veal sandwich or panzerotti and you’ve got yourself a very Italian Pi day feast.

230 Sandalwood Pkwy E.

Did we miss any spectacualar pies? Let us know in the comments below.