5 Rupi Kaur Poems To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Brampton poet and artist Rupi Kaur recently released her first published work of beautifully written prose paired with her very own sketches called Milk & Honey. Her eloquent words evoke feelings of love, loss pain and healing. These words will surely send you to those difficult places you find hard to confront, to face feelings that can be troublesome to voice. At the end of it all though, you’ll come out feeling renewed, refreshed and uplifted; in possession of the solace that comes after enduring much. Sometimes you need that little drop of wisdom in order to see the world differently, Rupi’s poems will undoubtedly provide you with this. Milk & Honey is a compilation of poems every woman needs to read. In honour of International Women’s Day, we’ve complied a few of them.






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10347810_769883266439285_5488676557913558745_n (1)To see more of Rupi’s work visit her website or follow her on social media: Facebook  Twitter & Instagram