5 Ways to Celebrate Nutella Day in Brampton

We can’t all be so lucky as to have a Nutella Cafe at our beck and call whenever the mood for some smooth chocolate hazelnut goodness strikes. We Bramptonians must hunt for creative ways to indulge our sweet tooth in Nutella goodness. Despite the lack of Nutella Cafes ’round these parts, there are quite a few restaurants, cafes and bakeries across the city that will help you make the most of World Nutella Day in style. And by making the most we mean indulging in way too much of the good stuff and probably slipping into a day-long sugar coma.!

Christina Tortina’s Nutella Cupcakes

17 Ray Lawson Blvd, Unit 9
A delectable cupcake topped with Nutella buttercream and a Ferrero Rocher for double the hazelnut goodness.

That italan Place’s Nutella Pizza

32 Chrysler Drive
A warm, thin crust pizza smothered in Nutella, but not too excessively.. It’s topped with icing sugar and strawberries too.

Molisana bakery’s Nutella bombe

2 Philosophers Trail
Bombes are pretty much an Italian-style donut. These puppies are piped with Nutella, just like  Boston cream donut, but with delicious chocolatel-y hazelnut goodness in the middle.

MacaronZ’s chocolate hazelnut macaron

43 Queen Street East
If you like your hazelnut light and airy, then you’ll want to grab some Parisian-inspired macarons from the MacaronZ shop in Downtown Brampton.

 Dolcezza cakes’s Nutella Pizzelle

71 Main St. North
Dolcezza fills these delicious, light Italian wafer cookies with a healthy serving of Nutella, taking them to a whole ‘nother level.

J. Red & Co’s Nutella Balls

341 Main St. North
This heavenly creation marries Nutella with peanut butter in the best possible way. These warm, sweet pizza balls with hot peanut butter and a Nutella dipping sauce will definitely satisfy your Nutella craving. It’s served as a mini Nutella fondue, and who doesn’t love fondue?

6. Cafe Demetre’s Nutella milkshake

25 Peel Centre Dr.
Get your Nutella fix in liquid form with this little bit of hazelnutty goodness, topped with whipped cream and Nutella sauce of course! If you aren’t in the mood for a shake, try Cafe Demetre’s Interstella crepe or waffle, which comes topped with fresh strawberries and/or bananas and loads of Nutella.

If all else fails and you can’t get out to indulge your sweet tooth on the best day of the year, you can always just go back to the basics: You + a spoon + the Nutella jar. Because calories don’t count on Nutella Day!